Playing cards for tomorrow, photo: TA. Sustainability check for Berlin project spaces

Playing cards for tomorrow, photo: TA.

In on-site visits, topics of sustainable operation of the interested project spaces for visual arts in Berlin are discussed on the basis of a checklist and possible activities are agreed upon. The conversation combines knowledge transfer, exchange of experiences and stimulation.

The topics: Management, cooperation, materials, energy and transport.

The questions: What is the state? Who is responsible? What is planned? What is possible?

The check comes about through the initiative of the interested project room or through Tom Albrecht, GG3 .

The result is recorded and discussed again by mutual agreement after 3 months.

The basis is the checklist “Sustainable operation for project rooms”.

Cooperation partner is Das Berliner Netzwerk freier Projekträume und -initiativen AG Nachhaltigkeit.

The project is on hold until further notice.

1st Check Women’s Museum on 5/30/2022 successful.