To buy or not to buy: Exhibition, talks, workshop: April 11.13 – May 11.13, every Friday and Saturday 17-20pm.

JAWURST, Photo by Tom Albrecht To buy or not to buy

JAWURST, Photo by Tom Albrecht

Is intellect a source of profit? Do used clothes fit me? Do I want my shopping bags full or empty? How about being rather having? Will everything in the future be marketed? Is consumerism the new religion?

The exhibition addresses these questions in serious and humorous way using installation, photo, painting, printmaking, collage, video and sound. Parallel to the exhibition there will be artists’ talks, conversations about themes such as the use of mobile phones or second-hand items, and a workshop on the theme ‘to buy or not to buy’.

Artists: Pedro Bustamante, Angela Grasser, Stephan Groß, Peter Hengst, Nele Köhler, Ola Koziol,Regina Liedke, Olga Lunow, Korvin Reich, Herbert Stöger

Program of To buy or not to buy

Opening: Thursday, April 11th, 19 pm

Exhibition from April 12. to May 11. every Friday and Saturday 17 to 20 pm


Ola Koziol: two traditional folksongs from Poland and Serbia, see video, 1:54

Artist Talk April 12.4., 17 pm

Exclusive tour with Tom Albrecht for the SUSTAINABLE DESIGN CENTER e.V. 18.04.2013, 7:00pm

Conversation ”Mobile parade” 26.4., 5:00pm:
Three mobile phone users, three attitudes: ‘no mobile’, ‘old mobile’, ‘Smartphone’. In the closing conversation round participants were able to establish which way is best for them.

‘A junk dealer explains’ 3.5.2013, 5:00pm
What does she sell? What does she regularly put on the market? What does junk dealership mean for her? What about her customers?

Finissage       16.5., 19 Uhr
With the performance ‘Consumerism hygiene’ by Tom Albrecht

Curator: Tom Albrecht