How much meat consumption is ethically and ecologically responsible? The Sunday roast? Meat is considered a surface eater and climate killer. The energy input is ten times greater than for grain food. We see animal cruelty and resistant germs in factory farming. A critical exhibition from a sustainable point of view.

Jawurst, C Tom Albrecht - Meat

Jawurst, C. Tom Albrecht

artist of flesh

Joern Birkholz, Peter Clauss, Laura Fong Prosper, Kuesti Fraun, research group art,  & Nadine Younger, Stephan Gross, Anne Hille, Lukas Julius Keijser Usch Quednau, Anelor Robin , Edith Heidmann, Anne Sommer-Meyer, Sven Again

Program of “Meat”

Exhibition: objects, photos, photo collages, installations, videos, actions, lectures, talks

March 6-April 10, 2015, exhibition on Fridays 5-8 p.m

Vernissage Veggie-Karni campaign Tom Albrecht March 6, 7 p.m

Artist talk March 20, 7 p.m

Lecture H elmut Höge “Cows worldwide” March 27, 7 p.m

Closing performance Wieland Möller (music/sound) and Konrad Szymanski (dance/movement) April 10, 7 p.m

Video of the performance (19 min.)

Wieland Möller and Konrad Szymanski dedicate themselves as a duo
“Improperform”, during their performance at the finissage of the exhibition
“Meat”, proclaimed by the Group Global 3000, the subject of people and
The title of the performance : HUMANIMALINTUITION
Konrad Szymanski and Wieland Möller believe that humans and animals
are equally dependent on each other. They are basically not like that
different than that which man claims the right for himself
could be placed above the animal. In their performance they employ
artistically with the idea of the energetic exchange of people and
Animal. For them, intuition is what humans and animals have in common. Of the
Greater reflection could be key to mutual understanding
of man to be on his intuition.

IMPROPERFORM – is a project by Konrad Szymanski (dance/movement)
and Wieland Möller (music/sound).
They ask about the complex relationships between dance and
Music, what is improvisation and spontaneous composition? For several years you have been working on a concentrated awareness of the moment, of space and of togetherness.
These elements are reflected in their performances, which in all honesty
towards yourself, the moment and the space. So that takes
Duo take themselves and the audience on a journey into uncharted territory.