More sustainable (NH) art venues care about their content, their operations, the exhibiting artists, and their visitors. Helpfully, they formulate a mission statement. Below, GG3 suggests from its practice:

mission statement

We support the “Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)”.
is defined so that future generations should have the same opportunities for a fulfilling life as we do. At the same time, the opportunities for all people on earth must be distributed more fairly. Sustainable development combines economic progress with social justice and protection of the natural environment.

With art we want to give impulses to the public and make our contribution. We offer a cultural space for thinking about the large and small political processes of sustainability and non-sustainability. We don’t raise the moral index finger, we seek encounters, touch and discourse.

What type of action are you for sustainability? (C) T.A.

What type of action are you for sustainability? (C) T.A.

: We draw the themes of the exhibitions from current social, philosophical and ecological discussions.

: We make exhibition operations as sustainable as possible by reducing its environmental footprint. This concerns the consumption of heat, electricity, materials and the generated transport and traffic. We recommend using the “Sustainable operation for project rooms” checklist. Our consistent practice promotes our credibility.

Artists:inside: We work to ensure that the exhibited works are as sustainable as possible in terms of production, energy, materials and transport. We offer the artists information and assistance from our experience and our workshops.

Visitors: It is important to us that our visitors experience NH with us, take away suggestions for their own practice and, if possible, come to us by an environmentally friendly means of transport.

If you benefit from our work, please mention us on your site and link to us.