Naemeh Shirazi, C Diana Toledo Offer for artists

Naemeh Shirazi, (C) Diana Toledo

Artists:Inside we select according to tenders.

We offer the exhibiting artists:inside

  • Exhibition space with equipment and support,
  • Organization and supervision of events,
  • Advertising by mail, websites, social media, flyers,
  • Organization of the factory signs, lecture, documentation and other events.
  • Documentation of the exhibition


  • We are a free, self-organized project space and work without fees.
  • There is no budget for production, further technical equipment, transport and insurance.
  • We do not take any fees from the artists*.


  • We expect binding cooperation from the artists, transport, assembly and disassembly of their works.
  • The selected projects are professionally managed by GG3. The design of the exhibition is done together with the artists. The final decision rests with GG3.
  • For regional artists, we expect, if possible presence at the events and, by arrangement, supervision at agreed opening hours.
  • We agree Rules.