24.11.2017 – 2.2.2018

Open fridays 5 pm – 8 pm

Tor mit Touristen All Inclusive

Gate to utopia, C Geeske Janßen

All inclusive as a principle of carelessness

Holiday in Egypt as a All inclusive package. Once paid the rest is done by itself. You can use the voucher carrier instead of the wallet and the immediate relaxation can be started. This is followed by a travel report in the exhibition space, which turns the thematic worlds of real and non-real realities into a tour of the all inclusive principle. Free according to the motto: It is not all gold that glitters.

Marketing in HolidayCheck

“Excellent 4 star hotel by the sea
….If you want an excellent 4-star hotel by the sea in Sharm El Sheikh / Ras Um El Sid, the Aqua Blu Sharm el Sheikh is an ideal choice.
This hotel is one of the 2014 Quality Quality Award winners. The area is home to the monument to the victims of the French plane crash as well as Ras Om El Sid beach and the Sharm el Sheikh dolphin.

Three artists present their view on All Inclusive

Laura Därr, Geeske Janßen and Rahel Zaugg

Installation, Objects, Video, Foto, Painting, Graphic

Interview with the Artsts (german, mp3, 22 Min.)

All Inclusive Artists

All Inclusive Artists (C B.S.)



Vernissage with temporary multisensory interactive installation by Laura Därr, Geeske Janßen and Rahel Zaugg

Fr. 24.11.2017, 7 pm

Artist talks Fr. 8.12.2017, 7 pm. The artists talk to their guests about their works.
The Artists are present.

22.12. and 29.12. closed

Lecture “Null Inclusive”, Alexander Bernhard 19.1.2018, 7 pm in german language. A critical examination of mass tourism and examples of sustainable travel.
Born in 1984. After studying languages and communication in Marburg, Cape Town and Dresden, he lived in La Reunion and published the book “Bravado” about the traveling.
The Artists are present.

Finissage Fr. 2.2.2018, 7 pm
The Artists are present.

Is “All Inclusive – Travel” sustainable?

TUI says: “Local people benefit in many ways – much more than other forms of tourism … jobs, income, career opportunities, access to key customer segments.” But the results of the study cited by TOURISM WATCH are both within GTZ, which carried out the study, as well as among NGOs and tourism experts controversial. We also ask if the long flights are sustainable for a short vacation time with their CO2 emissions?