Exhibition Fridays 17- 21 o’clock, 17.5. – 14.6.2019

Dorotea Etzler

Exhibition, talks, lecture, workshop, game
A cabinet of curiosities with videos, photos and objects

The exhibition addresses one of the most important issues of our time: how can our ecological footprint be reduced? In 1980, there was already talk of a “climate catastrophe”; now, the talk is of “climate change”. But nothing is changing for the better. And nothing is staying the same. Denial of the change and the catastrophe stands in the way of appropriate action being taken. Recognizing the change makes change for the better possible. That’s why it’s time to change our behavior now. Fridays for Future!

Boiling Frog. (C) Dorotea Etzler

Boiling Frog. (C) Dorotea Etzler

The fable of the boiling frog goes as follows: when a frog is put into a pot of boiling water it jumps out again to save itself. But when it’s put into a pot of cold water which is then slowly brought to the boil, the frog doesn’t sense any danger. It stays in the water and slowly dies. The story is seen as a parable of how we humans constantly adapt to and get used to change, without noticing how unbearable or dangerous our living conditions have become. We humans are like a frog in boiling water.

The exhibition of works by Dorothea Etzler is based on the idea of the Wunderkammer – a cabinet of curiosities. She works with display and dialogue, with photos and video, and with talks, workshops and discussions. A retrospective of Etzler’s work is combined with current projects, and ordinary everyday objects are placed in a relationship with artworks. The collection-like nature of Boiling Frog corresponds to our complex planet and allows us to discover multiple connections and cross-references. 

Boiling Frog is suggestion and interpretation, transformation and mystery, play and fun. The exhibition is organized in accordance with sustainable, energy-saving economic principles.

Biographical information

Dorotea Etzler is a conceptual artist from Berlin. Her media-based and sociological works take a highly formal approach underlain with subtle humor. As VJ lazyliu, she uses smartphones to create a unique visual universe. Etzler’s professional roots are in architecture. In the near future she plans to use artificial intelligence to contribute to her artistic work.

Program “Boiling Frog”

17.5.2019, 7 pm Opening

From 17 o’clock Exhibition
18: 30 o’clock Discussion ‘Formerly, then, now and tomorrow’ with representatives of different generations.
They talk about changes over the decades regarding the topics in the exhibition, such as weather, Traffic, plastic and garbage. They report on their contribution to improving the environment and what is difficult for them.
20: 00 o’clock Workshop ‘With worm and knowledge’ by Matthias Fritsch and Kirsten Vogeler from the Denkwerkstadt Futterwandel.
Introduction of how we can compost in the home and contribute to soil fertility in the city. Starter cultures can be taken.

31.5.2019 Exhibition by appointment to de@doroteaetzler.de
Suggested alternative program at 20 o’clock: Cycling together with the ‘Critical Mass’ from Mariannenplatz

From 17 o’clock Exhibition
18: 30 o’clock Workshop’ MDRS – Moth holes repair Team ‘with Dorotea Etzler.
In the workshop, you will learn how to cram moth holes to reuse your clothes. No prior knowledge is necessary. Please bring your broken clothes. A variety of darning yarns and needles are available.When the weather is fine, the workshop takes place in the garden in front of the gallery, in case of bad weather indoors.
20: 00 o’clock game ‘City Land River’ with Dorotea Etzler
City-Land-River is an analog game with low energy consumption. We use categories that are taken from the themes of the exhibition, such as: Weather, traffic, garbage, plastic, sustainable, endangered species, future u. v. m. A regular introduction to the game is possible.

From 17 o`clock Exhibition
18: 30 Lecture with pictures ‘With color and logistics – In the cycling paradise London’ by Dorotea Etzler ”
My travel report on optimal conditions for big city cycling in London, which does not require centimeter-planned bike paths, like in Berlin like to end in nowhere, but practical, consistently laid out routes, bike-friendly signage, free transport of wheels in public transport and much more. ”
19 o’clock finissage

Jury: Tom Albrecht, Mariel Gottwick, Curator: Tom Albrecht