Object: Dropping rod. 2009, Berlin, 1030 x 71 x 47 cm, dropping rod, hubcap. Nature meets. Commentary zut present

Object: dropping rod. 2009, Berlin, 1030 x 71 x 47 cm, drop bar, hubcap. Nature encounters. (C) T.A.

Solo exhibition: Works by Tom Albrecht

13.8.-8.10. 2021, Open Tuesdays and Fridays 5-8 p.m. Aug. 17. closed.

Artistic work on the state of our society and its relationship with nature with 50 works by Tom Albrecht from 1965 – 2021.
Actions, photographs, text, installations, moving objects, video, Super 8 .
The teeth shine. The NPP dances. The shell shows its treasure. The canister becomes human. The cow udder is plump. Globe flies, the knapweed too. Homage is paid to the logos. Corona screams. The Fossil Mace Threatens.

“Something ironic and slightly absurd resonates there – a special form of wit or poetic humor is inherent in his work, which makes things – even if they weigh heavily – light and thus more comprehensible. Not the moral reproach, but rather the unexpected image, the oblique idea lie in Tom Albrecht’s artistic calculation.” Dr. Peter Funken, 2021.

Tom Albrecht founded Group Global 3000 in 2012 as a project space with a gallery and has since curated 53 exhibitions with the team.

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Program ” Commentary on the present”

Vernissage 13.8.2021, 7 pm:

Welcome with book presentation Tom Albrecht,
Introduction Dr. Peter Funken


From “Fossil club” to “Moved adapted”, Photo: MK

Tom Albrecht, Dr. Peter Funken, Photo: Maria Korporal Commentary on the Present

Tom Albrecht, Dr. Peter Funken, Photo: MK

“Egg Digging” on Super 8, photo: MK

“Elevation”, photo: Maria Korporal

Child launches

Child launches “Corona screams to the sky”, photo: MK


Artist talk 27.8, 7 pm

Tom Albrecht talks with guests about his works.

Workshop for artists* and guests 17.9., 7 p.m.

What is the power of the art of sustainability for the artists, their material and for their counterpart? Introduction and direction by Tom Albrecht

Outcome of the Power of Art for Sustainability Workshop, 9/17/2021, GG3.

Outcome of the Power of Art for Sustainability Workshop, 9/17/2021, GG3.

Lecture with talk Sept. 24, 7 p.m.

Sustainability in Art – Critique of the Existing. Where and how should sustainability enter the arts?” Ticia Tanne, University of the Arts, Berlin

We experienced a very stimulating lecture with discussion. Lecture Ticia Tanne, GG3, Berlin 2021 Commentary on the present day

Lecture: Sustainability in the arts, 0.4 Mb, pdf, 26 pages.

Gallery 8.10. open from 5 pm. The artist will be present.

Finissage 8.10., 7 p.m.

Performance “Nachhaltig Tun” GG3-Team with Tom Albrecht, Alexa Helbig-Tewes, Maria Korporal

Finissage Talk (C) T.A. Commentary on the Present

Finissage Talk (C) T.A.

Performance text commentary on the present

Performance text


We again show art physically in our gallery. The regulations on infection protection apply. Registration is not required. Prerequisite for participation is with 3G a vaccination, test or a proof of recovery, which we document. We provide the Corona Warn App QR code and alternatively contact forms. There is a requirement for FFP2 masks and 1.5m distance during the event.

54th exhibition, curators: Team GG3