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5.12.2014 – 30.1.2015 , fridays 17:00 – 20:00, workdays, 2.1.2015 closed

Our energy consuming is changing. With our behavior we can have an influence on it. How long do we run the water? Which source of electric energy do we buy? How do we light, heat, shower or bathe? In what kind of a building do we live? Which ( often useless ) products do we buy? Where do we go on holidays?

Eight artists give their answers in painting, 0bject, drawing, installation and video

Tom Albrecht
Jörn Birkholz
Sandra Bozic
Stephan Gross
Robert Günther
Jürgen Krauss
Julia Ludwig
Sven Wie­der


Opening: 5.12.14, 19:00

Artist Talk: 12.12.14, 19:00
Exhibiting artists talk with guests about their work.

Lecture, Talk Dr. Martin Cames - Energy Consuming

Lecture, Talk Dr. Martin Cames

Lecture, Discussion: 09.01.2015, 19:00
“Climate protection by consumers” / “Klimaschutz durch Konsument/innen” (pdf, 1,27MB) Martin Cames, Head of Energy & Climate (Berlin), Öko-Institut and inhabitant of the Rainbow FactoryBerlinKreuzberg reports practical issues from the climate-protective lifestyle in the alternative living and neighborhood project in BerlinKreuzberg. He shows concrete examples of action how they save heat and power, organize transport in a more environmentally-friendly way,

Meadow, © T.A. Energy Consuming

Meadow, © T.A.

Workshop Energy viewing” with Tom Albrecht, Engineer and Artist: Fr. 16.1.2015, 19:00r.(in german)

See, feel, smell, measure on practical examples of heat and power.




Finissage Fr. 30.1.15, 19:00

Location: Project Space of the Group Global 3000