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Nestzaun (C) TA Augenwischer Open Call

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Organized suppression of the climate crisis. Actors and their construction kit.

Exhibition in Berlin 11.10. – 22.11.2024, Tue. and Fri., 5-8 p.m.

In a public call for entries, we are inviting international artists to submit contributions for the theme described below: “Eye wiper. Organized repression of the climate crisis. Actors and their construction kit” for a group exhibition in our exhibition spaces.

Cognitive scientists have developed a toolkit called PLURV to help identify disinformation and propaganda in relation to the climate crisis: Pseudo-experts, logical errors, unfulfillableexpectations, cherry-pickingand conspiracy mythsare all identifying features. Let’s expose PLURV!

One actor that promotes the suppression of the climate crisis is, for example, the Springer press. Their publishing house is largely owned by fossil fuel investors. The AFD and so-called “lateral thinkers” are also helping to suppress them. Narratives can be “It’s always been hot in summer”, “That’s a good thing!”, “Yes, just the weather”, “Fear-mongering and scaremongering”, “He who believes will be saved”, “Belief in man-made climate change is a substitute for religion?”.

In Germany, the CDU and FDP parties are conducting a textbook delaying discourse: they have no proposals. It’s really not about political ideologies, it’s about defending fossil business models.

Displacement leads to aggression against, for example, meteorologists on TV who receive hate messages. You only believe what you want to believe. Researchers talk about dissonant information being devalued and consonant information being valorized. The fact that humanity is in the process of destroying the foundations of human life with its way of life generates unpleasant emotions: Feelings of guilt, fears, sadness about the squandered future, the inevitable suffering and death. Cognitive dissonance, that is. Pseudo-information that suggests everything is not so bad can have a relieving effect.

Disciplines: object, sculpture, installation, photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, video with credits given, sound is possible. A performative contribution such as a performance, VJ or similar to the vernissage, artist talk or finissage is desired.

International works: letters and videos from non-EU countries.

We offer exhibition space with equipment, bar, advertising by mail and div. Websites and social media and web and print flyers, organization of the work texts, the lecture, the documentation.
We do not charge a fee for applications, exhibitions etc. We are a free, self-organized project space and work on a voluntary basis. For sent works, we ask that senders include the return postage. Unfortunately, there is no budget for production, further technical equipment, transport and insurance (the room is technically secured). We expect good cooperation and agree on rules of cooperation, gg3 rules rules 2022, pdf.

Individual artists or existing artist groups can apply online with max. apply for three works.

The presence of regional artists is desired for the vernissage and the artist talk, as is the supervision of the exhibition.

Further information in in Call on space and sustainability

Click here for the online application form

Jury: Team GG3, Curator: Tom Albrecht, Co-curator: Katja Hock


Deadline26.8.2024, 24 o’clock

Cancellation until 5.9.

Set-up 10.11., 3-7 p.m.


Q and A Tenders GG3

Q: Is there a way to review my submission to confirm it was submitted correctly?
A: This is not necessary if the submission has been accepted in the system and you have received a confirmation e-mail.

Q: Would you recommend submitting only new artwork applications, and if so, will this affect my application?
A: No, it doesn’t matter. The decisive factors are the strong reference to the advertised theme and the artistic quality.

Q: I fail to upload the CV and show list.
: Only pdf and doc formats are accepted, max. 10 MB, no docx or odt.

Q: Made a mistake, can I correct my application?
No problem, we correct for acceptances.

Q: How do I submit multiple works?
A: Close the first application and reopen the form.

Q: Is it possible to send you an application by e-mail?
A: Application by mail is not possible due to the work of the jury.



eam GG3 Curator: Tom Albrecht


Vernissage Fri., 11.10., 7 pm, introduction to the exhibition Katja Hock

Artist talk. Artists from the exhibition talk to guests about their works on site and online. 25.10., 7 p.m., moderated by Katja Hock

Lecture with workshop “Recognizing disinformation and propaganda in relation to the climate crisis. Debunking: pseudo-experts, logical errors, unfulfillable expectations, cherry-picking, conspiracy myths.”, N.N.

Lecture with workshop “Your own ecological hand and footprint. Limits and possibilities”, Tom Albrecht.

Finissage, Fri., 22.11., 7 pm


66th exhibition