Group Global 3000 participates in
LUFT – international networking event for the presentation and networking of the European art scene
Saturday, 10. and Sunday, September 11 from 1 to 5 p.m. at Galerie Kunstpunkt, Schlegelstr. 6, 10115 Berlin

LUFT - fair is in the air

GG3 @ fair is in the air LUFT

GG3 @ fair is in the air. At our booth we show works of our artists Tom Albrecht, Maria Korporal, Mariel Gottwick and Stephan Groß.

GG3: 58th exhibition

Eighteen initiatives from The Hague, Limerick, Stockholm, Riga, Copenhagen, Frankfurt and Berlin will present their spaces and organizations as well as selected artworks at their booths to showcase their activities and launch new collaborations.

ARNE (Artist-Run Network Europe) aims to strengthen the self-organized artistic sector in Europe, focusing on local and international collaboration, and to provide a simple information framework for artists and art students, in particular through a collaborative online platform, the Artist-Run Resource Centre (ARRC).

Not only in the artist-run sector, but in art in general, the public often feels excluded from the art world, and specifically the activities of artist-run “underground” spaces can be seen as niche and inaccessible. In a multi-layered format, the project bridges the gap between European cultures, professions, and artists at different stages of their careers. It promotes international cooperation and mutual respect, and highlights the importance of the artist-driven movement with its freedom for experimental and innovative ideas.


Saturday, September 10:
– 1-5 p.m. Presentation booths are open to the public.
– 5 p.m. Lecture “The Ebb and Flow of Berlin Project Spaces” by Chris Benedikt & Oliver Möst from the network of free Berlin project spaces and initiatives with open discussion.

Sunday, September 11:
– 1-5 p.m. Presentation booths are open to the public.
– 3 p.m. Opening of the ARRC to the public. Lecture “What is the ARRC and how to use it” by Adi Levy.

Participating initiatives

Candyland, Stockholm (SE)
Ormston House, Limerick (IE)
The Syndicate of Creatures, Copenhagen (DK)
The Alternative Art Guide, The Hague (NL)
Totaldobže, Riga, (LV)
Artist-Run Alliance, Berlin/Tel Aviv (DE/IL)
Eulengasse, Frankfurt a.M. (DE)

From Berlin:
Culture house Bouché
Organ of Critical Art (OKK)
Group Global 3000
Co-Re | Ummu
Art Laboratory Berlin
Gallery Toolbox
Hilbert space
National Museum
>top – Transdisciplinary Project Space

LUFT is organized by Kim Dotty Hachmann and Matthias Roth from >top e.V. with the support of the Berlin Network for Project Spaces and Initiatives. ARNE is co-financed by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and the
Creative Europe Program of the European Union.