Sustainability for commercial galleries

Result of a competition in Berlin 2022

Introduce online presence and digital sales channels Behling. Map of Berlin (2020)

Thomas Behling. Map of Berlin (2020) “This historical map still shows numerous small islands that initially existed in the area of the sunken city of Berlin after the poles melted, but which quickly fell victim to currents and tides.”

Launch online store

Introduce online gallery, online viewing room, QR code for customer access.

Implement augmented reality with the goal of increasing online sales

Offer exhibition videos to reach customers outside of Berlin

Set up QR code for cell phone to save print

Offer digital talks and studio visits

Offer digital interviews of the artists in studios

Offer 3D presentation online

In virtual studio visits artists:inside guide through their work

Trade fairs

Participate in fewer trade fairs

Abandonment of non-European art fairs

Train instead of flight in Europe


Extend exhibition duration

Reduce catalog circulation: print small runs digitally first and order additional copies as needed

Exhibit in the region, offer local food

On-site art education: QR codes instead of brochures are available for exhibition visitors, saving paper and printing costs.

Volunteer to run a project room in the Uckermark region of Germany


Avoid flights, instead train, road with car, truck, bike courier service.

Replace business car with e-car

Combine transports with other galleries

Even ride with art transport

Asia – Fair: Cooperate with other galleries saves staff and flights

Production of the works on site

The artists themselves are sent in advance to a kind of residency in foreign countries to produce on location. Thus, only one person travels in an airplane economy and not several large heavy boxes.


Notes to artists:inside about NH packaging

Reuse packaging of the works

Include reuse of packaging in correspondence with customers

Store used packaging for reuse

Use sustainable packaging

Expand alternative packaging and gradually switch to innovative packaging such as ARTPAKK, which helps save on bubble wrap and tape

Transport images rolled where possible

For bubble wrap use extra adhesive tapes that can be removed completely

Repackaging: Discussions with the artists led to appropriate handling and thus to reuse

Packing silk made from recycled paper instead of white

For outbound deliveries, the packaging materials are brought back with them and stored sorted by size for reuse. Packaging shall only remain with the customer if he confirms that he has a use for it.

Packing silk is neatly folded again after deliveries and reused.

Only use packing blankets for sculptures for transport. These are reused after an initial fitting.

Material of the artists:inside

No NFTs, since high CO₂ product

Artists:inside use found material


Employees receive subsidy for BVG ticket

Employees come by bike

Sustainable electricity supplier, e.g. Bürgerwerke

Hire eco-cleaning company, like Klara Green

Combining locations saves transports

Co-sharing of the rooms

Lighting system converted to LED

Create Green Team

Regularly record CO₂, calculate

Offer and borrow exhibition materials (pedestals, tables, electronics) on platform of GCC

Buy materials to be used on the second-hand market – such as Ebay or the material mafia – and give them back in the end also via these platforms

Be an active member of the GCC

Gallery program addresses sustainability issues

Drywall exhibition walls

All invitations digital

Newsletter digital

Digital portfolios

Replacing the light strips and spotlights with LED

Automate lighting time

Exhibition: room temperature 19 degrees or less, workplace according to workplace guidelines

Work from home

Separate waste

Green power

Water-based floor cooling of the gallery rooms instead of air conditioning

Conversion of windows to glazing with heat-insulating glass panes at own expense


Printed materials (invitation cards, envelopes, catalogs, etc.) are printed in a climate-neutral way by purchasing certificates via


Finding sustainable sponsors

The basis is the Galeries for Future competition

Possible addition

Mail – Shrink files

Specifications for artists:inside for NH material

Green power for website

Arrival: Call public transport for audience

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