The way we live our life is creating a new age, the so called “Anthropocene”. Modern man is present from the deep sea to the edge of the atmosphere and affects the course of evolution. His action will be visible in the distant future. Human activity has a completely new quality since the end of World War II. Thanks to the rapid growth of humanity, mankind has a geological imprint globaly, rather than just being one factor among many. The Age of mankind, we create a new epoch of the Earth

New worldwide geological structures are our cities made of glass and concrete. Agricultural landscapes arise for supplying us with food. To the climate change contribute road trips, flights, freight transport. Plastic, other synthetic materials to radiating elements are ubiquitous in the biosphere and many of them durable over long geological periods. Dams that retain sediments in the upper reaches of rivers have long-term consequences. Ships and planes carry thousands of alien species from one continent to another. The Age of mankind.

BAW16_Logo Age of mankind

Cooperation Partner of Berlin Art Week 2016

Playing with globes (image (C) Tom Albrecht) The Age of mankind, we create a new epoch of the Earth

Playing with globes (image (C) Tom Albrecht)

Exhibition from 13th of september to the 11th of november 2016

Objects, Photography, Painting, Graphics, Video, Sound-Performance

Artist show the theme with Objects, photography, painting, graphics, video, sound -performance, performance:

Tom Albrecht, Beatriz Albuquerque, Jörn Birkholz, Chris Dietzel, Liliana Folta, Ria Gerth, Franziska Harnisch, Timo Hoheisel, Linda Lenssen, Kopi Kaputa, Jürgen Moldenhauer, Mady Piesold, Eyal Segal

Program of The Age of mankind, we create a new epoch of the Earth

Exhibition open thursdays 10 – 14:00 and 15 bis 18:00, fridays 12 – 16:00 and 17 -20:00.

Opening: Tu. 13th of September, 2016, 19:00: Whathappensnext-Ensemble Berlin,  Metastilistische adhoc-Kammermusik
Connie Voss, Stimme; Gudrun Doberenz, Stimme; Max Stehle,Saxophon; Esther von der Osten, Violine; Hartmut Arweiler, Gitarre; Reinhard Gagel, Akkordeon, Leitung.

Exhibition on the day of Projectspaces Fr.  16.9.: 13-16:00, Sa. 17.9.: 13-18:00,
Su. 18.9.: 13-18:00 Tom Albrecht is present

Artist’ talk: 30.9., 19:00. Artists of the exhibition talk about their works.

Lecture: 7.10., 19 Uhr,  “ANTHROPOZÄN Hilfe, wir erschaffen eine neue Erdepoche!”, Referent: Christian Schwägerl, Autor des Buches “Menschenzeit”.

KopiKaputa, Audiovisual-Performance “Dänikens Wake”: 28.10., 19:00

Kopi Kaputa: Dänikens Wake // in Group Global 3000 The Age of mankind, we create a new epoch of the Earth

Kopi Kaputa: Dänikens Wake // in Group Global 3000, c KK

4.11., 19:00, Performance with Auction “Plastikbeute” by Franziska Harnisch
, Written bit

* Plastic bags are the canvases of industry, of shopping – capitalism in bag form. They have always served as a proverbial advertising medium with a recognition value. * * In the work “Plastikbeute” by Franziska Harnisch bags become images. As these, they are and remain relicts of a one-time use – from long-forgotten consumer times. They testify to the industrial-global upswing of the shoppering humanity. To the finissage of “Menschenzeit”, auctioneer Anton Krause tells the stories of the respective bag pictures in a performative auction and lets them change their owners, together with their history. *

* Written bids can be made on site or – until 04.11.2016, 6.00 pm,
By email: * * franziska.harnisch [at] <> *

Video of auction

Tüte "750 Jahre Berlin - Feierlichkeiten Berlin Ost", Rechte: Franziska Harnisch The Age of mankind, we create a new epoch of the Earth

Tüte “750 Jahre Berlin – Feierlichkeiten Berlin Ost”, Rechte: Franziska Harnisch