Group Global 3000 opens art venue at construction site Sat. Feb. 23, 2013, 7 p.m.

Berlin is now getting the first art venue that works on “art and sustainability” with a site party and tour, drinks, getting to know each other.

Logo Group Global 3000. life for a second world, (C) TA Baustelle

Logo Group Global 3000. Living for a second world, (C) TA

Artists: Tom Albrecht, Stephani Bahlecke, Yair Kira, Barbara Ueber

We have renovated sustainably, repairing instead of buying new in wall paint, plumbing and window hardware. New lighting technology is to illuminate the works sufficiently but sparingly. Our operation of our art venue is also designed to conserve resources. With a small celebration we open our art construction site.

Lighting technology, photo (C) TA Baustelle

Lighting technology, photo (C) TA

Wall paint

Preparation of casein paint with chalk art site on the construction site

Preparation of casein paint with chalk, photo (C) TA

Wall paint can be made yourself in an environmentally friendly way. Our experiment with chalk glue paint, lean curd, the pigment lithopone and borax, which breaks down the casein in the curd, produced a wall paint that spreads well.


Valve handle with new insert construction site art site on the construction site

Valve handle with new insert, photo (C) TA

The plastic handle on the water valve is going haywire. The sanitary trade refers to Klemz GmbH in Bürcknerstr., Berlin-Neukölln. There are small inserts for 80 ct. This saves one faucet.

Shut off valve, hemp, tool art site on construction site

Shut-off valve, hemp, tool, photo (C) TA

The shut-off valve in front of the cold water meter is stuck. The sanitary trade also refers to Fa. Klemz GmbH. You give me a used valve core. He fits! So no new one had to be produced and we saved money.

Window fitting

The latch on the window was broken. Removing and spreading the rivet with the ” punch ” took a quarter of an hour’s work and avoided making and getting a new bolt.


Logo Group Global 3000. life for a second world, (C) TA Baustelle

Latch with rivet