garbage and recycling. superheroes shows work by students from garbage.

In the class project ” Superheroes ,” first and second graders at Rosa Parks Elementary School crafted their hero costumes made from recycled trash. We show a photographic documentation by Markus Georg and Tina Hohmann who instructed the students.  garbage and recycling.

In the class project ” Architecture from Garbage “, instructed and initiated by the artists Alexandra Goloborodko and Aleksandra Civjane, students created collages and four models on the subject of architecture. We show the buildings Matthäus Kirche, Rathaus Steglitz, Schlosstheater and Gutshaus Steglitz.

Accompanying the exhibition, visitors, under the direction of Anna Rehe , will jointly produce a ” wall tapestry -R” from recycled material. Visitors are invited to participate in the work of art by weaving and knotting. Found, textile and colorful donations are welcome.

Garbage and Recycling program. superheroes”

Superheroes1 - Garbage and Recycling. superheroes


Exhibition, workshop, talks

September 6.9.-29.9., 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.: Fridays and during Artweek Tue. 17.9. to Sun. 22.9 and to the OPENiT Festival Thurs. 26.9., Fri. 27.6. and 29.9.

Vernissage 6.9. 19 o’clock
Musical patchwork by Kaydi Katson

Workshop and puppet doctor for children Sat. 14.9. 11am-1pm
All children are invited to create fantasy creatures in Anna Rehe’s workshop “From old to new”. Something nice that has been thrown away can be brought back to work. All materials used are cleaned beforehand.
The puppet doctor and puppeteer Larten Glinzig presents her puppets and then repairs beloved animals and puppets brought by visitors on a donation basis, as far as this is possible on site.

Artist Talk Fr. 20.9. 19 o’clock

Closing date 29.9. 19 o’clock

artist talk Mrs. 20.9. 19 o’clock
Mr. Gotthard from the Sisyphus Society , as head of the “Hunters and Collectors” project, presents the photographs on display from the “Superheroes” class project and the Sisyphus Society.
The artist Alexandra Goloborodko reports on the class project “Architecture from Garbage” at the Sachsenwald elementary school and explains her position on the subject of recycling.

Curator: Anna Rehe