Şehnaz Layıkel Prange: What does

Şehnaz Layıkel Prange: What does “The Good Life” mean in our world today? Photo (C) TA

What does “The Good Life” mean in our world today? The title itself contains in itself that we are looking for something different. This is followed by the questions: Is “The Good Life” an imaginary utopia or is it a realistic possibility? Is the consideration of this term alone sufficient? How do notions of a “Good Life” relate to their attempts at implementation? Is “The Good Life” Really One “Good Life”
or should we speak of a good life in the plural? Perhaps these are the questions that resonate with our great need, on multiple levels, in this time of turbulence and existential angst.

“The Good Life” is a group exhibition based on six artistic positions:
Tom Albrecht, Thomas Behling, Lioba von den Driesch, Mariel Gottwick, Stephan Groß, Maria Korporal.

In this exhibition, each artist interprets the concept of “good life” from a different perspective. Referring to different contents of a “Good Life”, ranging from feelings to ecology, the artists* simultaneously propose and question individual and collective solutions. In other words, they challenge existing trends and existing methods of healing, while at the same time proposing new ways of perceiving and dealing with problems in today’s world.

Through its multimedia nature, the exhibition appeals to all the senses. One encounters playful interventions as well as solution-oriented proposals in various forms, such as object, image, audio, installation and video.

In the context of the exhibition, various events will take place in which experts and the artists will discuss the topic from different perspectives together with the guests and work on it in a workshop.

Text: Şehnaz Layıkel Prange, Berlin, 2023