Three artists created works of sustainability and economy in the Academy for Sufficiency. They used materials and situations that they had collected and found during the three-week work stay. Objects, videos and installations were created. The exhibition is the result of an open call for artists working in the field of sustainability and business. We understand sustainability as a principle of social organization that takes ecological limits into account and aims for social justice. Economy is defined in a broad sense as organizing the care of people. Understood in this way, economic organization has a major impact on the quality of life. The way we do business determines whether and how we respect global borders. As a provider, we expected the result to be a work that addresses this field and can be exhibited. Possibilities included object, photo, video, installation, sound, performance, image.

The offer included accommodation, food and work space in the Academy for Sufficiency in a rural setting. A simple studio, workshops and tools are available, as well as some materials for artistic work.

Travel expenses were borne by the participants. We don’t want to contribute to the climate-related problems of air travel. That’s why we preferred applications from regions where you can travel by train

Collage of Plastic bags, foam, tea bags: Works of Sustainability an Oeconomic by Ou Jiun You, Stephanie Hannah and Renate Schweizer.Works of Sustainability and Economics

Works of Sustainability and Economic by Ou Jiun You, Stephanie Hannah and Renate Schweizer; CGG3. Works of sustainability and economy

n. We supported applications for travel grants. Renate Schweizer was supported by Sylvia Kotting-Uhl, Member of the German Bundestag and the  Members of Parliament  Bettina Lisbach and Alexander Salomon.

Works of sustainability and economy

Three artists from different disciplines worked for three weeks from 15.6. – 07/06/2017 in the Academy for Sufficiency in Reckenthin / Prignitz. After the studio phase there, the participating artists presented their works in a group exhibition in Group Global 3000 in Berlin:

Stephanie Hannah

Renate Schweizer , documentation

Jiun You Ou

We showed: object, video, installation, sound, image combined with lecture and discussion.

The organizers were the Academy together with Kunst-Stoffe – Central Office for Reusable Materials and Group Global 3000

Logo of the Academy for Sufficiency

Academy for Sufficiency

Plastics Berlin logo. Works of sustainability and economy.

Plastics Berlin.

Logo of Group Global 3000. Works of sustainability and economy

Group Global 3000


7-.7.  – 21.7.2017 exhibition

7.7., 7 p.m. Vernissage

11.7., 5-8 p.m. exhibition
7 p.m. Artist talk and lecture “DIY and do-it-yourself – starting points for sustainable consumption practices.”, Dr. Corinna Voss
14.7., 5-8 p.m. exhibition

21.7., 7 p.m. finissage, exhibition from 5 p.m


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