Group Global 3000 asks the artists about the light that affects us humans and nature today. We change natural light through our technology like glass, buildings, air pollution. We humans emit the artificial light that is wasted into space. We hardly find pure darkness anymore. stars are lost. Insects die in the light traps of unsuitable street lamps. We humans waste electricity with outdated lamps and experience pale light from poor energy-saving lamps and LEDs. The new measure of color rendering RA / CRI> Many buyers do not know 80 yet. A non-sustainable use of energy and the generated light.


18 artists show their positions on the subject with objects, collages, installations, photos, paintings, graphics, videos and performances:
Jully Acuna, Sandra Becker, Marieke Bolhuis , Marzena Brandt , Diego Caglioni , Maks Dannecker , Bernd Fuchs , Mariel Gottwick , Stephan Gross and Jörn Birkholz , Maria Korporal , Linda Lenssen, Sonya MishorKorvin Reich , Andreina Vieira dos Santos and Mahsa Asgari,  Peggy Sylopp , Agata Zbylut.

Exhibition, performance, talks – 17.3. until 12.5.2017
exhibition  Fridays 5-8 p.m

Light breaks in real melting ice. A dark room speaks. An object becomes illuminated. Images are light polluted. A person made of broken safety glass glows. The sun sinks behind a curtain of smog…

Enlightenment. A hand holding a glowing lamp. light


 Program LIGHT

Vernissage 17.3., 7 p.m.,
Performance installation by Mahsa Asgari and Andreina Vieira dos Santos.
The performance is inspired by early 20th century images of UV light/sunlight therapy and depictions of light in art history. “Light Department” deals with the various concepts of light and the paradox contained therein of the emergence and emptying of life through light.

Performers: Clara Conza, Juan Felipe Amaya, Mara Marie Kirchberg, Nikolay Sidorenko, Nina De Ludemann.
Dramaturgy/concept: Mahsa Asgari
Choreography/Design: Andreina Vieira dos Santos
Sound design: Lutz Gallmeister
Video: Anoush Azizi
Graphic design: Parnaz Karimi

Video of the performance by Bernd Sobolla (9:56 min.)

Exhibition : The artist Jully Acuna will be present 24.3., 5-8 p.m

artist talk . Artists in the exhibition talk about their works in front of and with guests.  March 31, 7 p.m. Presented by Tom Albrecht. Exhibition 5-8 p.m

Exhibition : The Artist Maria Corporal will be present April 7, 5-8 p.m

Lecture April 21, 7 p.m.: “Light, clean and dirty”, Dr. Christopher Kyba, Lecture with discussion, Light can affect animals, humans and the night sky. Examples of problematic lighting in art and architecture. What can we do to reduce the impact on the environment? Tom Albrecht Moderation and exhibition from 5 p.m

Exhibition 28.4. 5-8 p.m. The artist Diego Caglioni is present.

Exhibition : The dramaturg Mahsa Asgari is present May 5th,  17-20:00

Finissage May 12, 7 p.m., exhibition from 5 p.m. Supervised by Tom Albrecht.
Featuring: guṇa गगण – a light and sound performance by Feedback Laboratory. PGYS aka Peggy Sylopp & jayemsonic aka Jürgen Michaelis (video of the performance 2:53)

What happens when light responds to itself infinitely repetitively as what was originally a clean source image becomes more and more dirty?
Videos by Peggy Sylopp will be shown during the performance guṇa . To do this, she records the surroundings with the camera and mixes the image with herself in real time, thus generating visual feedback for the software she has written. This creates projections that show the camera image, kaleidoscope effects and chaotic feedback patterns, i.e. fractals, in flowing transitions.
Jürgen Michaelis elicits sounds from the chaos of feedback systems with the Akasha Synth he built. The acoustic machine speaks to itself in neuron synthesis in the echo.
Both work with electronic feedback, one visual, the other acoustic.
The performance plays with the structured order of the machine and elicits chaos from it. The electronic feedback systems generate the unforeseen and only partially controllable and yet aesthetic.


Project room of Group Global 3000, Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin


Tom Albrecht / Maria Corporal