Through intensive agriculture, insecticides, pesticides and monoculture, animal and plant species die out. Bird species disappear, bees die as pollinators, wild plants become less, insects die out, biodiversity decreases. Fewer fruits, vegetables and cereals are cultivated. This type of agriculture is not sustainable. The singing of vanishing species can not be heard. Species die silently.

On Earth we find 45% less invertebrates than four decades ago. No plant species is superfluous. Species extinction is considered by some experts to be the most pressing issue in sustaining the foundations of our Earth age.

Monokultur - C Susanne Gabler

Monokultur – C Susanne Gabler

Exhibition, talks, lecture

27.4. – 22.6.18

Artists of the Exhibition “The singing of vanishing species”

show their positions on the subject with sculpture, installations, painting, collage, videos, sound:

Alfred Banze, Sandra Becker, Lioba von den Driesch, Stephan Groß, sylvia anais krüger, Magenta, Benna Gaean Maris, Sybille Neumeyer


Exhibition Fridays 17- 20:00 and Sa. 28.4., Su. 29.4., 15-18:00 Gallery Weekend Berlin 2018

Vernissage:The Singing of Vanishing Species, C T.A.

Vernissage: The Singing of Vanishing Species, C T.A.

Vernissage 27.4., 19 clock,
Tom Albrecht: Welcome,
Introduction to the exhibition: Dr. Carola Muysers

Exhibition Sa. 28.4.  15-18:00 The Artist Lioba von den Driesch is present.

Exhibition Su. 29.4., 15-18:00 The Artists Alfred Banze and Stephan Groß are present.

Reading 11.5., 19 clock, Mikael Vogel reads in german from his collection of poems “Dodos on the Run. Requiem for a lost bestiary “(Verlagshaus Berlin, 2018). Case stories of extinction, of the last representative of a species and the rise of man. A web spun out of nature observation, capitalism, colonial and power history.
Recording of the reading with introduction by Bend Sobolla in german (18:44 Min.)
Exhibition: The artist Sybille Neumeyer is present.

Exhibition Fr. 18.5., 15-18:00 The Artist sylvia anais krüger is present.

Artist talk 25.5, 19 clock Artists of the exhibition speak with guests about their works.

Exhibition Sa. 1.6.,  15-18:00 The Artist Lioba von den Driesch is present.

Lecture 8.6., 19 clockDr. Robert Bartz: “Arten sterben bei uns” (In german), Researcher at the Department of Ecosystem Science / Plant Ecology of the TU Berlin

Finissage, 22.6., 19 clock


Location: Projectspace of Group Global 3000, Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin

Jury: Tom Albrecht, Mariel Gottwick, Curator: Tom Albrecht