Are our senses still ready to see, touch, hear, smell and taste? Do we still have the time to enjoy in peace? At the fast food restaurant. Do we find the right measure? Do we enjoy food that has been denatured, artificially flavored and visually embellished? Is that enjoyment? Industrial fraud is standard, deceiving consumers common. One wonders: can pleasure be bought?

There is the counter-movement of the regional, organic, fair, ethical, in short, the sustainable. Can the consumer enjoy in good heart? How has pleasure changed in today’s society with different lifestyles, different eating behaviors, stress?


The five artists give their answer with photo, video, installation, objects, interactive installation, performances:

Christiane Gaebert, Mariel Gottwick, Maria Korporal, Libera Mazzoleni, Monika Plattner


Can you buy pleasure?

19.5. – 30.6.2017

Pieces of meat arranged. Can you buy pleasure? Photo: M. Gottwick

Can you buy pleasure? Photo: M. Gottwick

Exhibition, action, lecture

Exhibition Fridays 17-20 h

Vernissage 5/19, 7 pm,


“The art of eating a
to eat a raisin” by Christiane Gaebert

The art of eating a raisin. C Christiane Gaebert

The art of eating a raisin.
C Christiane Gaebert

Artist talk 2.6., 7 p.m. with Mariel Gottwick, Maria Korporal and and Monika Plattner via Skype

Lecture with discussion June 16, 7 p.m., “SINNvoll essen – wie die Produkte auf unseren Teller mit unserer Lebensweise zusammenhängen ” by Johanna Ernst, cand. Master, University of Oldenburg, Subject Sustainable Management

Finissage 6/30, 7pm, with two performances by Italian artist Libera Mazzoleni:
1. live performance “Godo ergo sum”, 2017
Short action (13/15 minutes)
What would happen, TODAY, in the production chain of pleasure, if pleasure were satisfied? After all, is man, the purpose of the production of pleasure? But also: What is pleasure?
2. video of the performance “Today, The gods are gone” (from The last supper), 24 minutes
In a former church there is a table, covered with a black cloth, with the frugal meal of 12 men; in the middle a tray with fruits, 12 plates and some objcts. A mannequin with black glasses is the visual center around which people move who never talk to each other. But they communicate with the rest of the world, thanks to technology, as well as usually in public spaces or on the subway with iPod, tablet, cell phone….

Scene from the performance “Today, The gods are gone” (from The last supper) © Libera Mazzoleni

From the guestbook

Thank you for the beautiful provocative exhibition. I’m looking forward to what’s to come!

Thank you for the beautiful evening.

Do the hands now become carrots or the carrots hands?

Filet vs. entrecote. We all love meat.

Espacially if it stays alive.

I see musrooms beeing born out of shrimps.

I like bees.

Bear sausage reminds me of my refrigerator at home. Have a guilty conscience. Really made you think.

Incredible how the artists know how to capture and express the drama of modernity. Monsanto and Compagnions are ruining our beautiful rich earth.

I am vegan More vegetables please.

Well, I got directly appetite for a nice schnitzel

Had to cry softly sometimes.

If I had money, I would buy everything.

33. exhibition