Exhibition – Performances – Talks
6.11.2015 – 18.12.2015

Mecklenburger Hof, Mirow, B168

Mecklenburger Hof, Mirow, B168, © T. A.

Strawberries in winter, new fashion trendy and cheap. Hip electronics. Shopping for the same clothes worldwide. Cargo – Everything always everywhere.

That means Containers shipped on air polluting vessels. Things which you do not need are offered at low-cost. The consumer world is overwhelming when vegetables and fruits are transported at the most unthinkable times on the highway. Residents and air are burdened. Being able, being obliged, to choose out of an infinite variety of global goods means freedom. But it means also consuming natural resources, extinction of regional economic and exploitative working conditions in the distance.

Are there alternatives? What do artists say about Cargo – Everything always everywhere?

Tom Albrecht, Irene Anton, Alfred Banze, Jörn Birkholz, Marzena Brandt, Third Eye Factory, Stephan Gross, Lisa Hoffmann, Katrin Kinsler, Libera Mazzoleni, Usch Quednau


  • Opening Reception: 6.11., 19:00
    Music performance: What excites – A sing- and musical. performance by Alfred Banze, Stephan Gross and Tabea Kurde. Songs for global transport with vocals, guitar, autoharp, Bongo, Kalimba, Electronics.

Music-performance “Was reizt” (What attracts)

  • Artist Talk: 13.11., 19:00
  • Lecture, Talk: “Cargo–Everything, Anytime, and Anywhere ” (German language) 27.11., 19:00, Dr. Werner Reh, Head of Transport Policy, BUND e.V.
Lecture Dr. Werner Reh, BUND e.V. - Cargo - Everything always everywhere

Lecture Dr. Werner Reh, BUND e.V. – Cargo – Everything always everywhere

  • Performance: “Chicken&Art” 11.12., 19:00, Libera Mazzoleni.

Performance “Chicken & Art” by Libera Mazzoleni – read more on ArtConnect

  • Closing Reception: 18.12., 19:00

Location: Project Space of Group Global 3000, Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin

Curated by: Tom Albrecht, Robert Günther