Freedom, gaining distance from everyday life, discovering new things, encountering foreign cultures, discovering secrets. We have the choice, are mobile all over the world, fly “short” and “far”, cross the seas, track down the last untouched corners of the earth and find dreamlike second homes in idyllic places. The price – we use up a lot of resources when we travel, generate CO2, waste, aircraft noise, transport our culture of waste and abundance to poor countries, fix it, exploit people and nature, degrade it with curious eco-tourism and with spirituality as a consumer product.

Finisterre, Galicia. End of the Way of St. James. Travel

Cabo de Finisterre, end of the Way of Saint James. Galicia. Spain.

Are these alternatives, avoiding long-distance travel, traveling more sustainably, more gently, hiking, enjoying the summer in your own country, cycling, ecotourism? What do artists say about this?

Dave Ball
Alfred Banze
Jorn Birkholz
Chris Dietzel
>Mariel Gottwick
Franziska Harnisch
Astrid Indricane
Joachim Kloeckner
Mary Corporal
Tabea Kurde + Stephan Gross
Moritz Nehrkorn
Javier Perez Lanzac
Korvin Reich
Gertrud Riethmuller
Anya Sonnenburg
Sonja Trabandt
Kasia Wolinska

“Travel” program

exhibition  – Photo, installation, object, performance, video, workshop, talks

01/15/2016 – 03/11/2016
Exhibition on Fridays from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., events from 7 p.m

Vernissage + performance Fri. 01/15/2016, 7 p.m
simulation.Globe by Kasia Wolińska


She prints out the virtual postcards from Maria Korporal’s interactive Rekall installation -The Selfie of the Visitors in the Holiday Resort- after every Friday. The postcards can be viewed by visitors in the gallery.

Artist Talk Fr. 05.02.16, 7 p.m
Artists in the exhibition talk about their works

Workshop Fri 02/19/2016, 7 p.m
Feel good with travel – and without?” by Joachim Klöckner
Interview on Radio Bayern

Workshop 2, work results

Workshop 2, work results “Travel”

Feel good with travel - and without?

Feel good with travel – and without?

finish +  Music performance Fr. 03/11/2016, 7 p.m
“Travel Imaginations” by Tabea Kurde and Stephan Groß

Curators: Mariel Gottwick / Javier Pérez-Lanzac