Island of Forest, C T.A. -The Forest

Island of Forest, C T.A.

 The forest is a cultural place and resort, water tank, air cleaner, wood source, global climate regulator, hunting revier, reserve area, but also threatened by the economic interests such as monoculture, brand grubbing-up, tropical timber imports and climate change. consumers are thus in connection with the sale of meat, furniture, parquet and palm oil industry in many industrial foods.

22 exhibiting artists give their answers and questions with Video, Object, Sculpture, Photo, Installation and Performances:

Angela PreuszHelena Hernández • Jasmin Odendahl • Jens Isensee • Bernard Misgajskiw • Walter Yu (于朋) • Benna aka Benna Gaean Maris • Christoph Both-Asmus • Luana KnipferMaria KorporalRobert QuintMariel Gottwick • Katharina von Hagenow • Cora Marin • Sonja Trabandt • Ursula Blancke-Dau • Jörn Neumann • Frank Sievers • Sigrid Engel • Korvin Reich • Paul Handley • Olivia Jasinski

Curated by: Javier Pérez-Lanzac

Program The Forest

Exhibition – Performances – Talks
17.4.2015 – 29.5.2015

Vernissage, Jazz with “Silva Trio”: 17.4.2015, 19:00, Video of the exhibition opening (3:31 Min.)

Artists’ Talk. Artists talk with the guests about their works: Fr. 24.04.15, 19:00

“It’s gone for wood” Performance, H. Hernández & R. Brodt: Fr. 15.05.15, 19 Uhr

„Palmöl statt Wald“ Vortrag von Marcel Starfinger

„Palmöl statt Wald“ Vortrag Marcel Starfinger

“Palm oil instead Forest” Lecture by Marcel Starfinger: Fr. 22.05.15, 19 Uhr
Results (excerpt, de): Stakeholder analysis, solutions
Video (de) “The Way of the palm oil“, Greenpeace:



Finissage: Fr. 29.05.15, 19:00, Video of the  finissage (3:06 Min.)