is defined in such a way that future generations should have the same opportunities for a fulfilling life as we do. At the same time, the opportunities for all people on earth must be distributed more fairly. Sustainable development combines economic progress with social justice and protection of the natural environment. The needs and measures are concretized in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Transporting scientific results such as warnings about the climate crisis, species extinction through our art. Science has explosive results.

Science is interested in it. The transformation must go faster.

Art has a different mode of action. It works emotionally, can cause other interpretations of the content, can be utopian, create visions, be playful, interactive, use humor, irony.

Exhibition titles and works

The target group are artists who apply and potential guests who are addressed for the exhibition.

Titles should be crisp

Can create associations, refer to fairy tales e.g. “Tischlein Deck Dich” M.K., Bible “Sintflut heute” GG3 exhibition after flooding in Ahr valley

Can stimulate liberation “Live your spell” M.K. interactive

Make curious

Are linguistically elegant, get to the point

Are short, touching or even a long quote

You play with language

The work gets to the heart of the issue.

The title must represent the work, not evoke the content.

Are short, are o.k. in context, if necessary subtitles

Sustainability as a topic

Criticism of the existing



Suggestions for alternatives

Originate from the current sustainability – discussion, topics in the media, in science, disasters

The title may arise from the work or the work may arise from the title

Why sustainability art?

To overcome the crisis, to initiate something, to learn,

because it is joyful, urgent, common

Result of the public workshop of GG3 on 23.5.2023, moderation and transcript Tom Albrecht.