The Group Global 3000 gallery team works on a voluntary basis now and in the past:

2023: Tom Albrecht, Stephan Groß, Maria Korporal, 2024 also John Maibohm

Team Group Global 3000 - 2022 @ LUFT Art Fair Active Members

Team Group Global 3000 – 2022 @ LUFT Art Fair

Team of Group Global 3000 - 2017 - Active members

Team Group Global 3000 – 2017

Web design: Maria Korporal ,
Webmaster: Tom Albrecht

Thanks to our ex-members Yair Kira, Mariel Gottwick, Javier Pérez-Lanzac, Robert Günther for their helpful participation, Stephani Bahlecke for her oganizational advice, Sonja Hornung who translated our website for the first time and our energetic interns Rosa Droogers and Julia Dorenbos.

Thanks also to Group Global 3000 e.V. for the longtime support and funding!