4.4. – 23.5.2014, Friday 5 – 8 pm
Exhibition – Performance – Lecture – Dialogues

In our throwawaysociety the old Repairing culture is gone out of fashion. However, save still craftsmen, again more individuals and eg new Repair Cafes goods before discarding. This relieves the wallet and the environment.
What does a culture of fixing? What is where and how to repair? Is there a new aesthetics of fixing, a Repairing culture?

Artists give Answers with Object, Installation, Photo, Sound, Video, Movie and Performance

Isabella Gresser
Stephan Groß / Jörn Birkholz
Hye Young Kim

Wodden fence - C T.A. Repairing Culture

Wodden Fence – C T.A.

Javier Perez-Lanzac
Annegret Müller
Matthias Moseke & Mathias PeldaHelge-Björn Meyer & Katja Richter
Michael H. Rohde
Sven Wieder

Program of Repairing Culture

Exhibition dates: 4.4. – 23.5.2014

Opening: 28.3.14, 7 pm

Artists’ talks: 4.4., 7 pm

Lecture, Talk: Elisa Garrote Gasch, ”One Year Repaircafe Berlin” 11.4., 7 pm

Finissage 23.5., 7 pm

Curator: Tom Albrecht