cave painting. Cueva de las Manos, Rio Pinturas. 7000 bC (?). Santa Cruz. Patagonia Argentina THE ART, THE MATERIAL AND THE SUSTAINABILITY

Cave painting, Copyright by Diana Toledo

Exhibition, performance, lecture, talks

installations, objects
May 30, 2014 – July 25, 2014

Our consumer society produces millions of tons of waste every day. Artists are also consumers of products to create their works.
We exhibit artists who, when choosing their work materials, seek an alternative to producing waste, polluting the environment or consuming it. 13 artists who take ecological, social and economic responsibility through their choice of material show: THE ART, THE MATERIAL AND THE SUSTAINABILITY


Caroline Armand
Rolf Behringe and Alexandra Centmayer
Catherine Forster
Andrea Gola
Thomas Kleinschmidt
Maria Leon
Raquel Nava
Monica Ortmann
Ulla Reiss
Naemeh Shirazi
Willie Tomes
Katja Werner


  • Vernissage : 30.05, 7 p.m. Performance “Unmasked”, Naemeh Shirazi
  • Artist Talk: Artists talk to guests about their works: 6.6. 7 p.m., Performance Thomas Kleinschmidt “The World in the Bucket”
  • Lecture, discussion “The material and sustainability” June 20, 7 p.m
    Thea Lücke, Recycle Werkstatt Berlin, presents recycling initiatives and projects such as Material Mafia
    Corinna Vosse , Kunst-Stoffe Berlin , Central Office for Reusable Materials, reports on her Artists in Residence program
  • 4.7. Friday 7-8 p.m
  • 11.7. Friday 5-8 p.m., Caroline Armand will be present
  • 18.7. Friday 5-8 p.m., Thomas Kleinschmidt will be present
  • 25.7. Closing from 7 p.m

Curator : Diana Toledo

Documentation, pdf, 15Mb