Group Global 3000 wants to increase the attractiveness of the historic marketplace with the artistic light installation Market Light in an empty house on the market square in Storkow (Mark) through art that is generally accessible. Passers-by might be surprised what suddenly happens in the house and stops.

The theme is the story of the boom, the vision of a bustling market square in Storkow with residents, businesses, people.

Market Light Opening 28.11.2019, (C) T.A.

Market Light Opening 28.11.2019, (C) T.A.

This installation is designed to help revive the beautiful old market square. The rooms, which were dark for a long time, light up again in stylish colors in changing colors bright and dark, depending on the season, with the onset of twilight. Passers-by can influence the show with two buttons on the entrance.

Market light green, (C) Tom Albrecht

Market Light green, (C) Tom Albrecht


Market light red blue, (C) Tom Albrecht

Market Light red blue, (C) Tom Albrecht


A house is already found. The owner has agreed. The artist Tom Albrecht works for the project. Ulf Reinhard programmed the lighting control. The photos show the test with two headlights. A minicomputer is to control 8 RGB and white LED headlights. Light made of LED is an energy-saving way to change something.

Group Global 3000 is a non-profit organization for production. The installation is to be part of the project “Storkow lights up”, which brings again in November 2019 light on the market place.

The light installation is financed by the city of Storkow (Mark), the funds available in the funding program “Active City Centers” (ASZ) and the Mittelstandsverein Storkow (Mark).

Opening on 28.11.2019, 5pm.

Video of opening, 8:41 Min.

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