Jeans, Life- and DeathStyle. Object und Livingobject, Foto, Collage, Sound, Video- und Interactiveinstallation

13 artists of the GG3 work together cooperatively the exhibition Washed Out

An exhibiting artist: “…although I exhibit a lot. But the atmosphere and the team spirit in GG3 I find especially good.

Washed Out (C Naemeh Shirazi)

Washed Out (C Naemeh Shirazi)

Helena Hernández and Rafael Koller, Maria Korporal, Maria Mathieu, Mariel Gottwick, Anna Rehe, Robert Günther, Stephan Gross, Sven Wieder, Thomas Kleinschmidt, Tom Albrecht, Willi Tomes, Naemeh Shirazi

Programm Washed Out

5. June – 17. July 2015
Friday 17-20 Uhr

Vernissage with Interactive Performance „Distressed“ Naemeh Shirazi 5.6., 19:00

Performance „Distressed“ Washed Out

Performance „Distressed“

“The Jeans Lifecycle … a critical perspective” Washed Out

“The Jeans Lifecycle … a critical perspective”

Artisttalk 12.6., 19:00

Lecture Johanna Bose, Helen Laura Gimber 26.6., 19 :00
“The Jeans Lifecycle … a critical perspective”
From the cotton field and working conditions during production to consumer use and a ‘second life’ as an upcycled product.”

“Das Leben einer Jeans”
Eine kritische Betrachtungsweise vom Baumwollfeld über Arbeitsbedingungen bei der Herstellung bis hin zur upgecycleten Jacke”

The jeans lifecycle: a critical perspective

The global supply chain: CCC Workshop (English)

Two reports:
Fashion Victims: a report on sandblasted denim

Breathless for Blue Jeans: Health hazards in China's denim factories


Performance by Mariangeles Aguirre „DIY = Do Identity Yourself . Identity Booth and Live Collaborative Garment Interventions“ 26.6., 19:00

DIY Identity Booth - Washed Out

DIY Identity Booth

The Identity Booth is an invitation to re-think dressing as an act of
self expression and identity construction. The public will be able to
participate actively trying different "looks", "disguises" or "identities"
and looking to themself on a mirror. Later, they will get pictures of their
new identity sent to to their email addresses if they want to.

The Collaborative garment intervention on jeans will be a
step into DIY and garment customisation world.
The public will be invited to take part hands-on on a live piece
intervention. Each material they ad to the clothing piece will represent a
mood or personality characteristic they can choose. The idea is to make
people think about what we communicate with clothing, and specially how
much we can communicate when we do or customise our own clothes. They no
longer spread somebody's elses message, but our own.

Finissage 17.7., 19 :00

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