Exhibition and conversations

6.06.2013 – 15.07.2013

Two Man and Oil Tanks, C T.A. Greenwashing

Two Man and Oil Tanks, C T.A.

Greenwashing looks critically at companies who advertise a ‘green’ attitude despite the fact that their core function is unsustainable. Green on the outside, black on the inside. Is this fraud? Do consumers and politicians believe the mirage? How do greenwashers function? The exhibition addresses these questions through installation, photography, painting, video and computer games. Parallel to the exhibition a series of conversations with the participating artists will take place along the themes: ‘A criticism of sustainability reports from firms’ and ‘What can the customer do’?

Exhibiting artists

Pedro Bustamante greenwashing (pdf), (Green) Sin-Washing, 2013, Berlin, Video, 9′ 52”

Stephan Gross, (Ohne Titel), 2006, Berlin, Photocollage, 53 x 98cm

Stephan Gross, (Without Titel) Greenwashing

Stephan Gross, (Without Titel)

 Almut Iser, Schöner Schein, 2013, Berlin, Oil on MDF, 2 panels, 50 x 50cm

almut iser schoener schein Greenwashing

Almut Iser: Schöner Schein

Yair Kira, ZUHAUSE.KEIN PLATZ AUF DER WELT IST WICHTIGER, 2013, Berlin, Installation, Couch POÄNG , Table LACK, Poster „IKEA Katalog 2011“, print, Acrylic in frame STRÖMBY , Sound, 2 x 2 x 2m

Yair Kira: At Home Greenwashing

Yair Kira: At Home

molledindustria, Artists collective Molleindustria,  McDonalds Video Game, 2006, Italy, Video game

Javier Perez-Lanzac ¿Qué fue de Granada? (What became of Granada?) – Three thoughts on ‘greenwashed’ urbanism, 2013, Berlin, Photocollage, 3 framed works, 23 x 23cm

Javier Perez-Lanzac Greenwashing

Javier Perez-Lanzac

Dirk Sorge RAM: Recycling als Motiv, 2009/2013, Berlin, interactive Installation, 72 IKEA-picture wooden frames „RAM“, each 13 x 18 x 0,8 cm, excerpts from the IKEA catalogue from 2009

Dirk Sorge: RAM Greenwashing

Dirk Sorge: RAM

Curated by Tom Albrecht


Opening: Donnerstag, 6.6.2013, Enrique Cantillo aus Kolumbien dances “Greenwashing”.


„Artists conversations“ The participating artists talk about their works. Moderated by Tom Albrecht. Friday. 7.6.2013

„Are companies as green as they pretend to be?“ with Jana Gebauer, IÖW, moderated by Tom Albrecht, Friday 14.6.2013

„How does the customer expose greenwashing?“, moderated by Yair Kira, Friday. 21.6.2013

Finissage: Donnerstag, 11.7.2013