Exhibition, lectures, discussions, installations, photography, sound, inside and outside, Mona Lüders and Klára Némethy talk about plastic and consumer behavior in Window of Consumption. You can hear sound effects by the composer Amir Shpilman.
21.6.2019 – 9.8.2019, exhibition in the gallery on Fridays 17-20 clock and in the front yard during the term.

Window of Consumption. C Mona Lüders

Window of Consumption. C Mona Lüders

Mona Lüders from Berlin transforms the waste of selected residents into a unique work of art. She arranges everything that is usually thrown into the yellow bin, between the panes in temporary installations, that at first glance things look like magic. You can not look out the glass at the street anymore, but the unusual filling of the double-glazed window begins to magically light up when the sun comes in. The play of colors resembles the look in a kaleidoscope. (According to: Tagesspiegel Berlin vom 14.8.2018)

The photographer wants to show identity, without depicting the person herself. The exhibition shows one of her installations and photographs of selected windows.

Klára Némethy wrapped a tree with plastic bags “to the neck” for her “Tree of Consumption” installation. The phenomenon of plastic bags catching trees is known throughout the world. The “tree of consumption” is garbage-strewn in the garden, although he does not belong there. This contrast points to the reality that we are surrounded by suffocating plastic in all our living spaces. Whether visible or not to see. The long-lived installation – plastic takes more than 500 years to disintegrate – is a visual reminder of our ecologically irresponsible consumption behavior.

Sound effects by the composer Amir Shpilmann accompany the photography show.


Vernissage: Fri 21.6.19, 19 o’clock, with lecture and discussion in German “Between claim and reality: Challenges of a sustainable consumption”. Dr. Viola Muster, Project Manager Consumer Research, ConPolicy – Institute for Consumer Policy / TU Berlin

Tree of Consumption. Klára Némethy. Window of Consumption

Tree of Consumption. Klára Némethy


Lecture. Dr. Viola Muster. Window of Consumption

Lecture. Dr. Viola Muster.

Tour to Windows of Consumption. Mona Lüders

Tour to Windows of Consumption. Mona Lüders

Tour to Windows of Consumption. Mona Lüders

Tour to Windows of Consumption. Mona Lüders

28.6. Exhibition from 5 to 8 pm, Klára Némethy is present.

5. 7., 19 clock. Artist talk: The artists talk to guests about their works. Exhibition 5 pm to 8 pm

12.7. Exhibition from 5 to 8 pm, Klára Némethy is present.
19.7 Exhibition 5 to 8 pm, Mona Lüders is present.
26.7.and 2.8. Outside gallery

Finissage: 9.8., 7 pm, Lecture: Alfred Banze: “Social Plastic“, community art project of the Camping Academy e.V., Germany, in cooperation with Baan Noorg Collaborative Arts & Culture, Thailand, and Jatiwangi Art Factory, Indonesia.
Exhibition from 17 clock