Plastic lampshade made from packaging . C Tom Albrecht Our ecological practice

Plastic lampshade from packaging (C )Tom Albrecht

  • We use old materials if possible e.g. curtain fabric, wood from Kunst-Stoffe-Berlin
  • We reuse exhibition materials such as pedestals.
  • We illuminate with energy-saving LED, energy-saving lamps with electronic ballasts, lampshade made of packaging
  • We turn off electrical appliances with switch sockets to save standby power.
  • We use electricity from the house from a combined heat and power plant.
  • Electricity for our website uses 100% green electricity from Greenpeace Energy.
  • We heat to 20° only in the periods of use, avoid continuous ventilation through windows and door in the heating period.
  • Corona prevention: We measure the CO2 load of our indoor air with a CO2 sensor(e.g.) and start ventilating when the limit value is exceeded.
  • Our paper comes from recycling with test marks if possible, e.g. flyers
  • We separate our waste into paper, glass, packaging and residual waste.
  • We mention the possible means of public transport when you come to us.
  • Our cleaning agents are as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • Many of our exhibiting artists take care to use sustainable materials and lifestyles. This was also the theme of our exhibition“The art, the material and the sustainability“.
  • We wish that the exhibiting artists:
    – Use as little fossil energy as possible on the way to us.
    – For their works to be energy efficient and recycle materials and mention this in their work details.
  • We save remote living artists from traveling by package receiving and shipping and downloading audio and video files.
  • In the case of calls for entries, we require the artists to limit the size of the photos sent by e-mail to max. 300 KB to reduce.


If you benefit from our work, please mention us on your site and link to us.