The hygiene concept of the events of GG3 includes the current requirements of the hygiene ordinance of Berlin.

Chair with masks (T.A.)

Chair with masks (T.A.)

In the following, we will explain our hygiene concept, which we developed for the first time at of our anniversary exhibition “Art of Sustainability” on 4.9. – 2.10.2020 after lockdown of our analog exhibition operation were applied.


Anyone who feels ill or shows symptoms should refrain from participating. Participants from risk areas as defined by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) can only participate if they provide a current negative COVID-19 test.
Temporarily registering guests before they enter allows for tracking. We collect the data on individual registration forms to ensure data protection. If, despite the hygiene concept, an infection should turn out to be present afterwards, all participants will be informed immediately. After four weeks, we destroy the analog registration sheets.

Admission outside

We limit the number of guests in the rooms at one time to seven people plus supervision. Before entering, guests are given one of the available objects, which they return when leaving.

For our events such as vernissage, performance, workshop, lecture, artist talk, finissage, admission is only possible after online registration in the time slot entered.

Hygiene measures

Sufficient disinfectant dispensers are available in our rooms and at the entrance. On physical touch, such as for example. a handshake is waived. The wearing of a mouth-nose protection is mandatory.

Safety distance

Guests should keep 1.5m distance from each other.
During lectures, the distance between speakers and participants should be at least 2 m. For the gallery visit, we put green and red arrows on the floor to reduce the encounters. No one should be in the mezzanine.

Mask duties in the gallery

Masks are required for gallery visits and lectures.

On site support

The gallery and lecture supervision pays attention to the observance of the hygiene concept and the hygiene regulations.


Cross ventilation is continuously provided through the windows. We continuously monitor the CO2 content of the room air. If theCO2 value rises above 1000ppm, the door is opened until the value returns to normal. From 1200 ppm the warning tone sounds. Please pay attention to the display of the device.

CO2 alarm, (T.A.) Hygiene concept GG3

CO2 Warner, (T.A.)