As part of the nationwide short film day

What is a gift? Videos The Gift?
What else do recipients need if they already have everything material?

Packets, C.T.A. Videos The Gift

Packets, C.T.A.

We show short films that are themselves a gift from: 

  • a.s.p (Yogyakarta/Indonesia), „Jogja 40º C“
  • Silvia Dal Dosso (Berlin) „The 1UP FEVER“
  • Denis Carbone (Frankfurt a.M.) „MNS“
  • Stephan Gross (Berlin), „THE PRESENT ARRIVED“
  • Benjamin Petersen (Bredenbeck/D), „Alleinkommunikation“
  • Big Lazy Robot VFX (Barcelona) „Idiots“
  • Oliver Rossol (Offenbach) „Stummfilmtrailer“
  • Rudolf Weißbeck (Offenbach) „Engelstrompete“

 Program Videos The Gift

Performance December 21, 2013, 6-9 pm – Admission free

Artist talk 8 pm