A traditionally tasty, healthy food: fish, culinary overfished. Today, the plastic and chemicals get into our bodies with the fish. The fish are caught off the coast of Africa by European high-seas fleets, harming local fishermen. This contributes to fleeing to the EU. Trawl nets crush what they hit on the seabed. Stocks are being overfished, leaving carp as the only recommended species in the fish compass. On our inland lakes and coasts, the traders offer imported deep-sea fish in addition to the few local species, which makes regional shopping difficult.

Fish, (c) Evi Binzinger. Fish, culinary overfished

Fish, (c) Evi Binzinger

Artists : Tom Albrecht , Alfred Banze , Sandra Becker, Evi Binzinger , Petra Blume , Bernd Fuchs, Christiane Gaebert , Stephan Groß , Tera Johnson, Nicola Koch , Kranz / Miotke , Tabea Kurde, Patrick Moser, Usch Quednau , Koen Soberon, Herbert Christian Stöger , Third Eye Factory, Anita Tschirwitz , Christine Vennemann / Margit Rusert , Jutta Weinhold.

Program: “Fish, culinary overfished”

Exhibition – Conversations

Object, photo, graphics, video and performance.

5/27/2016 – 7/1/2016

Vernissage 27.5, 7 p.m., performance “The meal 4.0 – a fishing game – fish – Inges Fritze fished fresh fish”: Petra Blume, Christiane Gaebert, Anita Tschirwitz, Jutta Weinhold.

Artist talk June 3, 7 p.m., artists in the exhibition talk to the guests about their works.

Lecture June 17, 7 p.m., Veronika Kneissl, Greenpeace, Berlin : “Fish, culinary overfished”

Veronika Kneissl:

Veronika Kneissl: “Our fish are overfished in culinary terms!”

Finissage July 1st, 7 p.m. “Bye and thank you for the fish”
Music performance by AV group “ Kopi Kaputa ”. Songs by Alfred Banze, Stephan Groß and Tabea Kurde with vocals, guitar, autoharp, bongo, kalimba and electronics.

Location: Project room of Group Global 3000, Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Curator: Tom Albrecht