Do you want to support us as a co-operating artist, association member or donor? Then become friends of Group Global 3000. We are the only art venue in Berlin that is constantly dedicated to sustainable art.

As interested people, friends of Group Global 3000 get an insight into the abundance and range of projects and exhibitions. These include, in particular, exhibitions, guided tours, lectures accompanying the exhibitions and discussions with the artists.

We wish you lots of joy and inspiration!

Opening of THE FOREST - Friends of Group Global 3000

Vernissage THE FOREST

You can be there, win personally and make a difference together as:


club members

We invite those interested in art to become members who support us (membership fee €5/month) or who work with us (supervise exhibitions, support events, recruit members and donors). The membership fee is tax deductible.

We invite members to our events. You can make friends, experience and support modern art and promote sustainability. Our club life is the joint examination of art, in front of and behind the scenes, controversial as well as unanimous.

We will present company members on our website. As a corporate member of the association, you pay an annual fee of 300 euros/calendar year. It is tax deductible.

We registered Group Global 3000 as an eV on July 14, 2014 and the non-profit status  receive.

Donating Friends of Group Global 3000

are desired. Donations are tax deductible.

Talk to us at our events, call 0306154749 or send an email to