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Beautiful topless woman in front of concrete house- Bring your skin to the market

GLORIA, C Michael Maier

Hypnotized by beauty standards youth means everything and separates generations. Advertising campaigns feed us with high-gloss beauty aspirations, but in the mirror of the media our own body appears unworthy. The customer stays unsatisfied. He needs to be kept hungry. Beauty is success, they suggest. The body becomes the object, manipulable at will. The market makes existence bearable – the beauty, the attention, the good life and all that we can have to keep our masks intact and invulnerable. It says Bring your skin to the market.

Is the prerequisite for protecting the outer nature worth the value of our inner nature?
Where do we carry our own skin to the market in relationships, opinions and judgements for and against each other, medical plastic surgery, fashion, clothing, eroticism, pornography, private data?
The skin is the outer boundary of our body, where do we draw the limit of marketing our body?
The market sets the aesthetic standards for beauty, but how do we escape this commercial trap?

11 international artists show their perspectives with object, installation, photo, collage, sculpture, video and performance

Tom Albrecht (D), Grietje Bouman (NL), Elena Dell’Andrea (IT), Danny Frede (D), Peter Kagerer (D), Susi Krautgartner (D), Annegret Müller (D), Clotilde Petrosino (IT), Sarah St. Leger (USA/CA), Matthias Trott (D), Celine Trouillet (FR)

Program of “Bring your skin to the market”

15.9.2017 – 10.11.2017, Exhibition on Fridays from 5 – 8 pm

Vernissage Fr. 15.9., 7 pm with Performance „What Are You Sorry For„

Exhibition 22.9., 5 pm to 8 pm. Curator Michael Maier is present.

Artist talk Fr. 29.9., 7 pm. Artists of the exhibition talk with our guests about their works. Moderated by Tom Albrecht.
Exhibition from 5 pm. Artist Tom Albrecht is present.

Workshop “Stage Internet” Fr. 6.10., 7 pm. For social media users, mailers, website operators. What data do we want to disclose in the Internet? What do we show, what does one hide? For example, Artists want to sell their work and display it in the Internet. In the talk we want to gain positions . In german language. Moderated by Tom Albrecht. Exhibition from 5 pm. Artist Tom Albrecht is present.

Workshop “Privacy of our data” Fr. 13.10., 7 pm. Cryptoparty, Berlin
In the Internet, too, we can decide as to how much of our skin we carry to market. The workshop helps with the own devices in a data sparingly way to surf and mail. Bring your Smartphones and Laptops. Moderated by Tom Albrecht. Exhibition from 5 pm. Artist Tom Albrecht is present.

Exhibition 27.10., 5 pm to 8 pm. Artist Peter Kagerer is present.

Exhibition 3.11., 5 pm to 8 pm. Artist Annegret Müller is present.

Finissage Fr .10.11., 7 pm with Performance : “Mas-sacre Play”, Tom Albrecht, Michael Maier

Performance "Mas-sacre Play" on Work of Elena Dell´Andrea Bring your skin to the market

Performance “Mas-sacre Play” on Work of Elena Dell´Andrea

Jury: Tom Albrecht, Karin Bandelin, Michael Maier

Curators: Tom Albrecht, Michael Maier