Fine dust card on 31.01.2018 Air is still relatively clean. It takes my breath away

Fine dust card on 31.01.2018 Air is still relatively clean

Exhibition with object, collage, painting, video, video installation, performance, talks, lecture

11.1. – 1.3.2019, fridays 17 – 20 clock

It could be so nice, © J. Moldenhauer

It could be so nice, © J. Moldenhauer



We breathe in nitrogen oxides and particulate matter from traffic, from coal-fired power plants, construction sites, wood firing, agricultural technology. At home we smell artificial fragrances of allergen deodorants, detergents, softeners and plastic odors. It takes my breath away.

The German Environmental Aid calls for an improvement in air quality and complains against municipalities because of exceeding the particulate matter limit values. Driving restrictions are already threatening.

Citizens around the world are starting to build particulate matter sensors themselves and put the values into a map.

What do artists say about this?


Tom Albrecht, Ruth Biller, Matthias Fritsch, Rike Goll, Irene Hoppenberg, Jürgen Moldenhauer, Mari Terauchi, Maud Tutsche, Roland Wegerer

Tom Albrecht illustrates in his object the process of how our society removes 12 air pollutants over a period of 30 years each. He performs this work live with sound, fog, changing light and language.
Ruth Biller shows in her gouache in urban fine dust a blue island with Potential.
The two-channel video by Matthias Fritsch treated the fine dust blowing from the ground, which is industrially farmed.
On the painting by Rike Goll swings a girl with a respirator comfortably in the hammock.
Irene Hoppenberg uses her artificial turf in the shape of a lung to create the connection between urban green and our breathing.
In a respirator, Jürgen Moldenhauer reflects an industrial landscape with its exhaust clouds.
Mari Terauchi treated as affected in their object, the burden of indoor air by fragrance additives in consumer products.
Maud Tutsche shows in her “Avant-garde” how absurd the technical protection of the breath is as the basis of all life.
In the video performance of Roland Wegerer, the artist inhales into a pile of white powder until he almost disappears.

Program “It takes my breath away”

Welcome by tom Albrecht in front of object of Irene Hoppenberg, Foto by Simon It takes my Breath away

Welcome by tom Albrecht in front of object of Irene Hoppenberg, C by Simon Terauchi-Koch

Vernissage 11.1.2019, 19 clock  with audio-visual Textperformance by Tom Albrecht  “Pollutant of the month”.Technical Assistance Ulf Reinhard
Video of the greeting (in german, 9:23)

Exhibition 18.1., 17-20 clock
The Artist Irene Hoppenberg is present

Artist talk 25.1., 19 clock, Exhibition from 17 clock
Artists of the exhibition speak with guests about their works.

Comfortzone - Rike Goll

Comfortzone – Rike Goll

Exhibition 1.2., 17-20 clock
The Artist Maud Tutsche is present.

Exhibition 8.2., 17-20 clock
The Artist Matthias Fritsch is present.

Exhibition 15.2., 17-20 clock
The Artist Ruth Biller is present.

Lecture 22.2., 19 clock Dr. Ina Säumel, “Atemluft in der Stadt” (pdf, 5,5 MB, german), TU-Berlin, Institut für Ökologie (in german), Exhibition from 17 clock

Finissage 1.3., 19 clock with audio-visual Textperformance in german by Tom Albrecht “Pollutant of the month, Part two”. Technical Assistance Ulf Reinhard. Video (16:11 Min.)
Exhibition from 17 clock

Curator: Tom Albrecht