Invitation to the Open Studio – Getting down to earth

Sunday, August 12, 2018

14 – 18 h

At the Academy for Sufficiency, Groß Pankower Weg 7, 16928 Tüchen-Reckenthin

On Sunday, August 12, from 14-18, the three temporary Reckenthin artists let themselves be seen in the studios. Irene Hoppenberg, Matthias Fritsch and Kirsten Wechslberger invite to an exchange about their artistic work and about connections between art and ecology.

The theme of this year’s residency is ‘Soil’: The outer layer of the earth of our planet is sealed, it is damaged by erosion and compacted by industrial agriculture. Soil loses the storage capacity, the filtering function, the diversity of life. This is the soil from which we live.

The invited artists will work on this theme for one month at the Academy for Sufficiency in Reckenthin. On the occasion of the Open Studio, they share their impressions of the village and show first work statuses. Sketches, models, photos, video footage – fragments and conversations reveal the artistic processes. So visitors also get to see interesting departures and discarded ideas. The focus here is not on the end product, but on the steps to get there. The finished works will be on display at the Group Global 3000 project space in Berlin starting August 24.

The event is hosted by the Academy for Sufficiency, Groß Pankower Weg 7, 16928 Tüchen-Reckenthin. Here, guests are invited to learn about ecologically and socially compatible economic practices and to experience them in a very practical way. More information about the Open Studio and the Academy at

Academy for Sufficiency in Reckenthin / Prignitz

Logo of the Academy for Sufficiency - The Soil We Live On

Logo of the Academy for Sufficiency

Kunst-Stoffe – Central office for reusable materials

Logo ART - FABRIC - BERLIN The soil we live on


and Group Global 3000

invited artists of all disciplines to work residencies in the period July 23 – August 23.

with exhibition in Berlin (24.8. – 19.10.)

Theme “The soil from which we live”.

The residence and exhibition address soil as a habitat and as a subject of human intervention. The outer layer of the earth of our planet is sealed by asphalt and concrete, the humus is washed away by industrial agriculture. Synthetic fertilizer is drug for the soil. Soil loses water holding capacity, filtering function, biodiversity. Possible works include object, photo, video, installation, sound, performance, image.

The call is addressed to artists working in the field of sustainability and economy . By sustainability, we mean taking ecological limits into account and being guided by social justice. Define economy

Tractor track with water gutter, C Tom Albrecht - The soil we live on

Field gutter, C Tom Albrecht

us as an organization of care for people. The way we do business determines whether and how we respect global boundaries and whether justice is possible.


– Accommodation, meals and work space at the Academy for Sufficiency in a rural setting. A simply equipped studio, workshops and basic equipment with tools are available. Selected materials for artistic work on the theme “The soil we live on” will be provided by Kunst-Stoffe – Zentralstelle für wiederverwendbare Materialien.

– Open studio during the stay on site

– Group exhibition in the project space Group Global 3000 in Berlin After the working stay the works will be presented in the exhibition: “The soil from which we live” from 24.8. – 19.10.18.

Selected were: Matthias Fritsch, Irene Hoppenberg, Kirsten Wechslberger

Information on host institution and partners: