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The videos of our online exhibition “Climate change to go” are accessed worldwide.

Dialogues from the overflow

GG3 is host for Berlin Sessions Residency

Artist talk and Presentation Thursday, 12th of March, Start at 7 PM

Art, politics and ecology 500 years after the circumnavigation of the Strait of Magellan

Berlin Sessions Residency ‎Dialogues from the overflow

Berlin Sessions Residency‎ Dialogues from the overflow, (C) Ultimaesperanza

GG3 is host für Artist talk and presentation for Berlin Sessions Residency for their current residents from the territory of Fuego/Patagonia, Chile. An art collective Ultimaesperanza – Nathaniel Alvarez & Sandra Ulloa,  and Günen – (w)ritual writer, and publisher at Colectivo Editorial Nihil Obstat from Chile. They will share with us impressions of two projects: one is Hydropoetica – artistic research and visual experiments / video mappings made in the fields of Southern Ice since 2013. The second is MAPU: There is not enough space in the device’s memory, a result of the last edition of the navigable micro-residence Radicante, carried out in waters of the Strait of Magellan.

Thursday, 12th of March
Start at 7 PM
Door at 6:30 PM

Group Global 3000 – GG3
Leuschnerdamm 10
10999 Berlin

Hey, Cudgel!

Hey, leg! CO2. Foto: Jens Thomas

Hey, leg! CO2. Foto: Jens Thomas

Hey, Cudgel!

GG3 in “Creative City Berlin” magazine

under: “Sustainability, Spaces”
29 January 2020

Group Global 3000 becomes GG3

‘Group Global 3000′ becomes’ GG3′

Reasons: We are a brand, the short name is more manageable, and we see ourselves as German EU citizens.

We have shortened our internet address:

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We are still working with both addresses for a while. Please update your browser and email program.

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