Exhibition, action, talks

Collage K. Forster - S. Gross - Duty of Care

Collage K. Forster – S. Gross

Katharina Forster, Stephan Groß


The duty of care refers to the obligation for people to stand up to other people and the environment and to act prudently. Do we fulfill? The two exhibiting artists ask this question and give us answers.


Objects, photo collages, installation

Program Duty of Care

Opening with an action of Katharina Forster: 6.2.15, 19:00

Artists talk: 13.2.15, 19:00

Finissage: 27.2.15, 19:00


Projectspace of Group Global 3000, Leuschnerdamm 19

From the Gabler business dictionary for the human sphere

Often due to law or legal obligation to protect the interests of others.

1. Duty of care of the employer: this includes all arrangements for the protection of the life and health of his employees, in the regulation of his business, e.g. Maintenance of business premises and accident prevention.

See also duty of care (of the employer), occupational safety.

2. Duty of care of the commercial agent, the commercial broker etc .: the care of a proper businessman (§§ 86 III, 347 I HGB). In individual cases, it depends on how a decent and conscientious merchant of the same line of business would have acted.

3. Duty of due diligence in a public limited company: The members of the management board and the supervisory board must exercise the diligence of a prudent and diligent manager; In the event of a dispute, they must provide evidence of this, otherwise they are obliged to pay damages (§§ 93, 116 AktG).

See also care in their own affairs, negligence.

When do we use this care also on the environment?