Our logo expresses the lavish way we treat the world. We live and do business as if we have a second world at our disposal. Our name Group Global 3000 shows that people act together locally, think globally and for the future. We work for the

Our logo expresses the wasteful handling of the world. We live and do business as if we had a second world at our disposal. Our name Group Global 3000 shows that people act locally, think globally and for the future together. We work for the “best of both worlds”.

For our 10th anniversary, we invite the 350 artists who have exhibited with us to date to submit works for our juried group exhibition, “Light on Your Feet,” in our exhibition space. Artists or groups of artists can apply with max. apply for three works. Participation in the limited call is by invitation only.

The works should have as small an ecological footprint (EF) as possible with their material.

The EF is related to the work, not to the artists’ lifestyle. The EF cannot and does not have to be calculated. Part of the application is a credible justification as to why the works EF is small.

Z. E. The works are made of 100% recycled material, come from their own archive, fundus, from waste, from Berlin HDM, from Berlin Kunststoffe e.V., use used canvas, natural pigments.

No new resources are used. Possible are tools such as glue, nails. We exclude NEW electronics, photos, digital prints, Kapa, Aludibond. Existing can be used.

The title of the work could have a close relation to sustainability. See our preliminary work as a suggestion, not a requirement.

In our workshops we have gathered sustainable practice from visual artists.


Object, sculpture, installation, photo, painting, drawing, printmaking, video with credits, audio is possible. A performative contribution such as a performance, VJ or similar to the vernissage, artist talk or finissage is desired.

International works

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept parcels from outside the EU. The processing and communication effort, the shipping costs, the transit times were too long and the timely delivery in Berlin was too difficult. We are happy to accept letters and videos from non-EU countries.


Application starting Aug. 4, deadline Aug. 25, jury until Sept. 7, 2023. Setup 4.10.23, 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.


Team GG3, Curator: Tom Albrecht

Q and A for calls from GG3

Q: Is there a way to review my submission to confirm it was submitted correctly?
A: This is not necessary if the submission has been accepted and you have received a confirmation email.
Q: Would you recommend submitting only new artwork applications, and if so, will this affect my application?
A: No, it doesn’t matter. The decisive factors are the strong reference to the advertised theme and the artistic quality.
Q: I fail to upload the CV and exhibition list.
A: Only pdf and doc formats are accepted, max. 10 MB. No docx or odt!
Q: Made a mistake, can I correct my application?
A: No problem, we will correct for commitments.
Q: How do I submit multiple works?
A: Close the first application and reopen the form.
Q: Is it possible to send you an application by e-mail?
A: Application by mail is not possible due to the work of the jury.

We offer and would like to

Jury: Team GG3, Curator: Tom Albrecht

62nd exhibition

Exhibit Oct. 6-Nov. 24-23, Tues. and Fri. 5-8 p.m.

Group Global 3000 celebrates anniversary with 62nd exhibition: 10 years of sustainable art. We invite the 350 artists who have exhibited with us to date to submit works that have the smallest possible ecological footprint for our juried group exhibition in our exhibition space.

Our goal is to reduce the ecological footprint through our art. In this way, we would like to reduce the footprint of art and influence society in this sense. Many works are created because the available material stimulates ideas to create a work. Use what is there, save resources. This is how we become Light on your feet.


Vernissage Oct. 6, 7 p.m.

Artist talk Oct. 20, 7 p.m.



Finissage 24.11., 7 p.m.