Local antennas, (C) T.A. Home: Think globally, act locally

Local antennas. Foto: T.A.

We regret to have to cancel the exhibition because of the acute danger of corona infection in our rooms!
Instead, we show online offer on this site with video statements of the artists and photos of the works.

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Objects, Installations, Drawing, Photo, Videos, Audio, Performance
Programm: Reading, Workshop, Singsong.

Ten artists present the saying “Home: Think globally, act locally” in their works:

Tom Albrecht, Matthias Fritsch, Victoria Hohmann, Simon Knab, Claudia Kochsmeier, Diana Pacelli, Rosa Schmidt, Raimon Sibilo, Yoana Tuzharova, Sven Wieder.

imperative of flexibility. Tandem cases. Yoana Tuzharova. 2020 Home: Think globally, act locally

imperative of flexibility. Tandem cases. Yoana Tuzharova. 2020

This old saying combines global responsibility with local action. In the place where we are at home, we are strong. The Earth is a complex organism in which cause and effect are not always spatially close to one another. Through our decisions, we as consumers can have a direct influence on the actions of polluters.

There are increasing local reasons for acting today: The daughter no longer wants to eat meat for climate protection reasons. Friends talk about flight shame and plastic shame. There is no snow at the usual holiday location for a skiing holiday. The bark beetle has attacked the local forest. The water level in German regions is falling. The summer heat is unbearable. The farmers have crop failures due to drought.

Example: Globally, old-growth forests are being destroyed in other places on the planet. That’s why I protest locally in my neighborhood if a forest or park is being destroyed; I try to save paper and don’t buy any items made from tropical wood. Refraining from eating meat also helps, as cattle are often raised on the cleared land or soy beans are grown there for animal feed.

Example: Increasing carbon dioxide emissions are heating up the Earth’s climate, which is a global problem. As an individual in Germany, I cannot influence politics in China or India to keep coal-fired power plants from being built or prevent people there from driving cars. But as a local decision, I myself can use a bike instead of a car, and I can influence the politics of my country and my local community.
How do artists express the saying “homeland: think globally, act locally” in their works?

Program Home : Think globally, act locally

Vernissage 20.3., 7 p.m. online

  • Introduction to the exhibition by Tom Albrecht
  • Corona performance by Tom Albrecht and Rosa Schmidt
  • Reading: Rainer Stahl “Home in nature. Poetry and slightly oblique”

Presentation 27.3, 7 p.m. online-pdf

Johannes Schorling (Inkota Network): “Conscious consumption and politics.  Between “Fasting” and the call for regulation”. In german

Workshop 3.4, 7 pm cancelled

Kirsten Vogeler collects plants, prepares them for eating together. Matthias Fritsch regularly lives on a data strike. Suggestions for sustainable reorganisation of our daily activities.”

Artists talk and Performance 24.4.,

The idea for this performance came spontaneously under the first impression of the threat of the corona virus and the subsequent shutdown of the economy, travel and physical encounter. “The virus is the most radical decelerator of our time” (Hartmut Rosa)

Climate change and the corona pandemic are linked. Being global everywhere and using global resources is part of the cause of the pandemic. More and more people are claiming more and more wildlife habitats, land use has changed dramatically, wild and farm animals and animal products are being transported around the globe and global travel has increased dramatically.


The planet a sphere, the yielding to gravity a breathing, an admission to the rotation in the colored twilight, to the integrity, the becoming and passing, an exercise of confidence in the carrying capacity of the earth’s crust, a overcoming of the civilisational acceleration of flight, a momentary collapse of total networking, an attempt at vanity withdrawal, a drop-out, a farewell, a flapping of wings, a prayer close to the ground, an erection of the spine against the gesture of domination, a shift in perspective in several sequences, a transformation of the technototalitarian coercion of arrogance.

Finissage 8.5., 7 pm online

Rhenish chant: Tom Albrecht “Methadone from Grünheide”




Team GG3, Curators: Team GG3

48th exhibition