Agreement with exhibiting artists


This agreement is signed by the artists to be confirmed by e-mail and is then valid. Also valid are the submitted application documents and our Acceptance confirmation. A separate contract is not concluded. Will the artists subsequently deviate from the application, this requires our consent. The legal representative of GG3 is the respective curating member.

Factory data

Selected artists will be sent a link to a personal form. Please complete and submit the form in English and German.


We advertise on our website, Facebook and Instagram.

We send an announcement of the exhibition to the press, to various websites and by mail distribution list. Likewise, we promote each event of the accompanying program. For each exhibition we compose a printed flyer and ana webflyer to share with your personal mailing list.

We ask the artists present to distribute the print flyers, which will be used during the set-up. stand by. The exhibiting artists in turn promote the exhibition through their mailing lists and link their websites to the exhibition at

We are happy if the artists arrange or write articles in the press.

The exhibiting artists are welcome to display folders, catalogs, flyers etc. in the gallery.


GG3 expects for regional artists to participate in vernissage and finissage and artist talk. Participation in the accompanying program is highly encouraged. In the conversation is for more distant residents a participation via video – chat provided.

At least one supervisory appointment by exhibitors is required for regional artists.

Assembly and disassembly, hanging, equipment, equipment

The artists are responsible for setting up and dismantling their works themselves, in close consultation with the respective curating GG3 member. For hanging pictures and objects is available hanging system (gallery srails with max. 5 kg per hook/Nielsen) available in all rooms. Exceptions and other types of presentations require consultation. Holes in the walls should be avoided if possible. There are also several podiums of different heights and sizes, projectors and technical equipment.

For presentations with technical operation we need (at the latest by the time of set-up) written instructions for the changing supervisors who will operate your work must. The instructions must be easy to understand, i.e. all steps from “ON” to “OFF” must be clearly described.

In order for your work to permanently “livein the exhibition, please install your electrically powered works with power supply, not battery or accumulator. Verwe ndet white cables if possible.

After dismantling your work, please remove all traces on the wall and ceiling, or on the floor, i.e. you artists close holes and paint over the the “damaged” places.

Transport, insurance and liability

The GG3 project space is a non-profit project space. Therefore, unfortunately, there is no budget available for exhibition fees, travel, transportation and insurance. The artists are responsible for the transport of their works to and from the gallery. Unfortunately, the exhibited works of art cannot be insured by GG3.

The room is located in a residential building and is secured with cylinder locks on the entrance door, an additional entrance grille and bars on the basement windows. Guarantees against burglary we can however, do not give. We supervise the exhibition professionally, but we are not liable for damage or theft.

Delivery by parcel services is possible for remote EU residents after consultation with us. Return postage will be covered by the artists and should accompany the work. If your artwork by mail, please prepare it for them for hanging and include clear clear instructions.

We ask the exhibiting artists to treat the premises and the furnishings of the project room with care; the artists are liable for any damage caused by them.


The artworks are displayed in the room offered for sale. If a work is sold, GG3 receives 30 from the amount of the sale.


GG3 usually publishes the exhibited works.

The artists confirm that they hold the copyright to their works and the supplementary Have materials. The artists are liable for infringements of copyrights of third parties. You give GG3 the right to use photos of the works and the exhibition for exhibition documentation and for publication on the web and in print.

Right to one’s own image

The visual artists agree to the publication of photos and videos of their person (e.g. at the vernissage or at events).

Performances, appearances: If we record photo, audio and video, we ask, if necessary, the actors to object to the publication no later than one day after the event. Otherwise, we assume their consent.

For guests in our rooms give these in principle their consent to photos of their person. We announce these by posting. Who will not be published would like, we ask for objection.


For the exhibition, the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, application, acceptance and work text of the participating artists will be stored.

For promotional purposes, we publish the names and web addresses of the artists on our homepage and other promotional places. After the end of the exhibition we will continue to use the email address for future calls or invitations to further events. at GG3. Those who do not wish to do so can object to this or at any time in our mails below click unsubscribe click.

We use the masculine form for artists here because of the translation program.

We are looking forward to a good cooperation and a successful exhibition!