Videos and images from the program of TRANSFORMATION


Fri. 1.4.2022 from 5 p.m. Vernissage, soft opening 6 and 7 p.m. with welcome by Tom Albrecht, introduction by Sandy Becker.

Einführung in die Ausstellung durch Sandy Becker (Photo M.K) TransformationIntroduction by Sandy Becker (Photo M.K)

Get ass up

Speech performance with guitar,bird whistles, sound and deer antlers

(C) Tom Albrecht: text, voice, sounds and Stephan Groß: guitar
Vernissage of the exhibition TRANSFORMATION 1.4.2022, Group Global 3000, Berlin

Hello SUV-drivers, politicians, fossil-addicts, fossil-earners, conspiracy-believers, waiting, finger-pointing, hedonists, deniers, non-competents, neighbors, fellow human beings, real estate owners, voters, citizens,

Hello father, mother, daughter, son, grandson.

What are you waiting for? Where are you hesitating? Do you think you can’t change anything? All this has nothing to do with you? Not with your future, your children, your grandchildren?

Get your ass up!

Science agrees. Groundwater is already down. Species are dead. Warmer it is worldwide. How many species, forests will die, areas will be sealed, how many coasts will sink, people will flee from the climate, die because of the climate. How much exploitation will remain, how many viruses will still come from the zoonoses, how hot will it get?

Get your ass up!

Where are your potentials, your activities to change, to save the world, from global warming, from extinction of species, from dependence on dictators?

Get your ass up!

There is a lot to do on the way to a world fit for grandchildren. Big changes, personal, neighborly, with friends, like-minded people, communal, regional, national and global. We have been too slow so far. We need momentum that we don’t have today.

Get your ass up!

The sooner we get to it, the easier the arduous adjustments will be. Timely action is more beneficial than procrastination. Assume a lot will change. Go for it, use your potentials, apply the energy saving tips, find out online your CO2 and your footprint, eat more vegetables and less meat, repair things instead of buying new, spend vacations flying less, buy solar, vote for the most climate active party, take to the streets for these changes, join with people for change.

Get your ass up!

You may get restlessness, but you may get inner peace because you found it, fun, depth, satisfaction, good conscience, focus on what matters, save money. Your long-term thinking pays off. Be active, experiment, compromise.

Get your ass up!



Arsch hoch kriegen (T.A) Berlin, 2022 Transformation

Arsch hoch kriegen (T.A) Berlin, 2022

5.4., 7 p.m. Workshop: Jila Svicevic from Estonia will produce a participatory artwork with the participants* resulting in a large sculpture made of wildflower seed bombs.

All interested are invited, no previous experience required, materials will be provided.


Video of wildflower seed bomb sculpture workshop, 9 min.

Salvia for Sympathy, (C) Jila Svicevic, 2019, Tallinn, Estland Transformation

Salvia for Sympathy, (C) Jila Svicevic, 2019, Tallinn, Estland

8.4., 7 pm: artist talk: artists of the exhibition talk about their works with guests

29.4., 7pm: Fri. 4/29, 7 p.m.: Lecture with discussion (in german) “From an Imperial Way of Life to a Culture of Relatedness. Ways and visions for a cultural change towards a sustainable society”. (In german)

Dr. Cornelia Kühn is a cultural anthropologist at the Humboldt University in Berlin and is currently researching the common good economy and possibilities for a social-ecological transformation.

Cultural change towards a sustainable society. Dr. C. Kühn, 13 pp. Transformation

Cultural change towards a sustainable society. Dr. C. Kühn, 13 pages, german

An enlightening lecture with an exciting conversation. Dr. C. Kühn shows ways and visions. These fertilize the next exhibition “The Good Life”.

6.5., 7 p.m.: Fri. 5/6, 7 p.m.: “Heroes of the Transformation”. Dr. Johannes Balve reads in german from his novel “Fukushima – Happy Island”,
Talk about the heroes of transformation. (In german)

Johannes Balve, (C) Gerhard Almstedt Transformation

Johannes Balve, (C) Gerhard Almstedt

Zen music played by Peter Pütz on the Japanese Shakuhachi flute

Peter Pütz, (C) C. Theis Transformation

Peter Pütz, (C) C. Theis

13.5., 7 p.m.: Youth speaks on the climate crisis: What do they want, what do they do? Carla Ruf, Schoolgirl. With discussion and workshop “What does transformation mean for citizens and politics”. Introduction and moderation: Tom Albrecht

20.5.2022, 7 pm Finissage: Erik von Senftenberg “Sprechgesänge mit Piano zur Tragödie von Belarus.”

 Erik von Senftenberg “Sprechgesänge mit Piano zur Tragödie von Belarus.”

Erik von Senftenberg “Sprechgesänge mit Piano zur Tragödie von Belarus.”


The regulations on infection control apply with 3G. Depending on the current situation, we show the exhibition and the program physically in our rooms.

Jury: Team GG3, Curator: Tom Albrecht, Cocurator: Sandy Becker

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