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Hygiene concept GG3

The hygiene concept of the events of GG3 contains the current requirements of the Berlin hygiene regulation.

Chair with masks (T.A.)

Chair with masks (T.A.)

In the following we will explain our hygiene concept, which we applied for the first time at our anniversary exhibition “Art of Sustainability” on September 4 – October 2, 2020 after the lockdown of our analogous exhibition operation.


Those who feel ill or show symptoms should refrain from participating. Participants from risk areas as defined by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) can only participate if they present a current negative COVID-19 test.
The temporary registration of the guests before entering allows a follow-up. We collect the data on individual registration forms to ensure data protection. If, despite the hygiene concept, an infection is discovered afterwards, all participants will be informed immediately. After four weeks we destroy the analog registration forms.

Outside Entrance

We limit the number of guests who can stay in the rooms at the same time to eight. Before entering, the guests are given one of the eight available objects, which they return when leaving.

Hygiene measures

There are sufficient disinfectant dispensers available in our rooms and at the entrance. Physical contact, such as a handshake, is avoided. Wearing a mouth-nose protection is mandatory.

Safety distance

The guests should be 1,5m decent to each other.
During lectures the distance between speakers and participants should be at least 2m.

For gallery visits, we have placed green and red arrows on the floor to reduce the amount of movement. Nobody should stay in the small corridor.

Mask duties in the gallery

Visitors to the gallery and lectures must wear masks.

Support on site

The gallery and lecture management makes sure that the hygiene concept and hygiene regulations are observed.


The windows are continuously ventilated crossways. We continuously monitor the CO2 content of the room air. If the CO2 value rises above 1000ppm, the door is opened until the value returns to normal. From 1200 ppm the warning tone is sounded. Please pay attention to the display of the device.


Corona and Climate Crisis

Exhibition October 16. – November 11, 2020

Tuesdays and Fridays 5-8pm

TENTAKEL, (C) Jochen Schnepf Corona and Climate Crisis

TENTAKEL, (C) Jochen Schnepf

The Corona pandemic demands our attention. But the other existential issue, climate change, is still important. Our main question is, “What do we learn from the current Corona affliction to avoid the climate crisis?” We use the term crisis instead of change, because change sounds too soft and manageable.

Both crises have in common, as one cause, strong global mobility. Another is our lifestyle and our plundering of resources. The threat is different. With Corona it is acute. The state is reacting strongly, following the advice of science. Epidemiologist (german): At Corona we have seen what it looks like when a crisis is taken seriously. In contrast, the climate crisis poses a particular threat to future generations. This threat will soon no longer be kept in check by acute measures. The state is reacting insufficiently and not following the science.

What do we learn from this, what do we change? With Corona, the home office functions as a substitute for travel, and closed shops limit our consumption. This has advantages for coping with the climate crisis as these measures also reduce CO2 emissions.

We do not know what good habits will remain post-Corona to counter the climate crisis. The new bike paths on the streets of Berlin are here to stay. That is not enough though, society must not leave it at that. Scientists are proposing an intergenerational “climate-corona treaty (german)” that is based on reason and the principle of social justice.

We see Corona as a global pandemic which, like the climate crisis, is forcing us to far-reaching changes in behaviour. We no longer want to submit to our fate, we want to shape it!


We show works by 14 international artists with object, sculpture, installation, photo, painting, drawing, printmaking, video, performance, reading.

Tom Albrecht, Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu, Ann Besier, Kateryna Bortsova, Natasha Cantwell, Clarissa Falco, Mariel Gottwick, Ines Kaufmann, Maria Korporal, Annegret Müller, Keri RosebraughAdam Guy, Jochen Schnepf, Manuela Viera-Gallo,
Violeta Vollmer


Since the Corona crisis still requires restrictions, we are adapting the exhibition organization and the program according to our hygiene concept. We are planning analog and online offers here in the program. Since we limit the number of guests, we invite you to participate in the vernissage, lecture and finissage via lifestream from home. You will find the links to click and look in your browser in our program. All in German language.

Vernissage Fri. Oct. 16, 2020, 7 p.m. Performance: Clarissa Falco “SIX FEET, Welcome in 2020”

Performance with adhesive tape on canvas
Link to the lifestream at 18.45 at this place

Workshop “Corona hygiene and climate protection”, moderated by Tom Albrecht 23.10., 7 pm

We work together to develop solutions to protect ourselves from the coronavirus during the cold season and save energy in the process. In German

Artist talk Fri. Nov. 6., 7 p.m.

Artists of the exhibition talk to guests about their works. We would like to invite you to participate in the lecture with dialogic lifestream. You can find the link at 18:45 here.

Fri. 13.11., 7 p.m. Lecture: Theresa Sieverding (inquired) “#fighteverycrisis- parallels and interactions between corona and climate crisis”.

Research Assistant, Environmental Psychology, University of Magdeburg. Active in the research project “The Corona Crisis as ‘Gamechanger’ for the Transformation to Sustainability?” which deals with sustainable willingness and behavior and the connection of corona with sustainability. Lecture in German.
We would like to invite you to participate in the lecture with a dialogic lifestream. You can find the link here at 18:45.

Finissage Fri. Dec. 11, 7 p.m. Text Performance: Ines Kaufmann

Man’s interaction with nature, the damage, the approach to natural spheres and the transformation of our world view.

Link to the lifestream at 18:45 at this place


Galery in the Project space of Global 3000 Group e.V., Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin,

Jury: Team GG3, Curators: Tom Albrecht, Alexa Helbig

51st exhibition


Sticky post

Art of Sustainability

50th Exhibition. We are celebrating our anniversary!

Art of Sustainability

We live for two worlds. Logo GG3 Art of sustainability

We live for two worlds. Logo GG3

Sept 4 – Oct 2, 2020

We want to show what the art of sustainability means for us. Our 50th anniversary exhibition is a showcase of what we have worked to achieve in our 49 exhibitions with 220 artists since our inception in 2012. We are inviting artists by email who have previously exhibited with us to submit works that depict sustainability issues critically and with vision. We are showing the power of art for the sustainable transformation of society!

We are looking forward to seeing many artists of the past years again!

Outlawed. Astrid Astra Indricane, Berlin 2018 Art of sustainability

Bird-free, Astrid Astra Indricane, Berlin 2018


We are exhibiting forty artists with photo, painting, drawing, collage, installations, objects, and videos.

Petra Abroso, Tom Albrecht,
Yegor Astapchenko & Artur Zobnin,
Anna Borrie, Grietje Bouman,
Marzena Brandt, Ana Brotas,
Georg Cevales, Barbara Czarnojahn,
Sigrid Engel, Bernd Fuchs,
Christiane Gaebert, Ria Gerth,
Francesco Gioacchini, Anne Glassner,
Mariel Gottwick, Stephan Groß,
Paul Handley & Pernille Lærke Andersen,
Alexa Helbig, Timo Hoheisel,
Victoria Hohmann victoriart.deAstrid Astra Indricane,
Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb, Simon Knab,
Nele Köhler, Doris Kollmann,
Maria  Korporal, Cora Marin,
Christoph Medicus,
Jürgen Moldenhauer,
Annegret Müller, Klára Némethy,
Mathias Pelda,
Javier Pérez-Lanzac Raya,
Rika Puetthoff-Glinka, Anna Rafetseder,
Korvin Reich, Eyal Segal,
Maud Tutsche,
Lioba von den Driesch,
Sven Wieder

The Artworks

Exhibition Format

As before, we will be exhibiting all work formats, but this time in salon style (Petersburg Hängung) for reasons of space.

If the Corona pandemic still requires restrictions, we will adapt the exhibition organization and the program accordingly. We are therefore planning an analog and a digital exhibition.

Digitally, we will show a clickable mosaic of all works.


Project space of GG3 – Global 3000 Group e.V., Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin,  and online on our website:

Program Art of Sustainability

Exhibition opening times Tues. and Fr. 5 – 8 pm

Vernissage Sept. 4, 2020, 7 pm – Videostream on

  • “The Work of GG3.” Tom Albrecht
  • Opening speech: Jule Böttner, M.A., Curatorial work, Art and exhibition mediation
  • Whathappensnext Ensemble Berlin, Metastilistic ad hoc ensemble: Conny Voss , Gudrun Doberenz, Stimme; Jana Göpper, Viola; Max Stehle, Saxophon;
    Reinhard Gagel, Akkordeon

Artist talk Sept. 11.9., 7 pm

Artists talk to guests about their works. Since the Corona crisis still requires restrictions, we will adapt the exhibition organization and the program accordingly.

Online-live-lecture 22.9., 7 pm

“Use what is there. A complex approach to sustainable management”, Dr. Corinna Vosse.  In German.

Lecture pdf, 22 slides, german

Online Lecture

Video in German: “Sustainability: Technology & Voluntariness is not enough” by Dirk Arne Heyen, Öko-Institut, past lecturer at our exhibition “Ways to sustainability”. He recommends the video of his 10-minute contribution to the 74th Berlin Science Slam. There he presents a scientific topic, in his case sufficiency and its politics, in as  comprehensible and entertaining a way as possible.

Finissage Oct. 2, 7 pm

Since the Corona crisis still requires restrictions, we will adapt the exhibition organization and the program accordingly.

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