Transformation to the Good Life

Group Global 3000 is preparing two visions for 2022 in the exhibitions “Transformation” and “The Good Life”.

Woman on grass bench, (C) Tom Albrecht, 2009, Berlin Transformation

Woman on grass bench, (C) Tom Albrecht, 2009, Berlin

1 April – 20 May, 2022 we begin with the exhibition “Transformation” and call  international  artists to send us applications.

The euphoria regarding technological progress is over. We see that unlimited growth does not fit to a limited earth.  We are already experiencing the first responses from the natural world.  The dream of endless growth is coming to an end and at best will lead to transformation.

By transformation, we mean the process that leads globally to a good life for people and sustainable use of natural resources. We see social and cultural change as feasible, because we have the economic, technical, and scientific prerequisites. Yet this life is difficult to imagine for most people. Convention stands in the way of transformation.

We want to illustrate the picture of the good life in the future. A framework has been sketched out by economists and natural scientists: Sufficiency reduces production and consumption, efficiency uses material and energy more productively, and consistency includes nature-friendly material cycles, recycling and waste avoidance. The value of nature appears in the overall economic balance sheets. The gap between rich and poor is closed. The economy is transforming into one of post-growth. We live in a way that is fit for our grandchildren.

The vision of social change and a sustainable and good life gives strength for the way there. Thus, transformation is also an aesthetic project. The necessary changes require the creativity of the entire society. The potential of art lies precisely in opening up new spaces for thoughts and making transformation imaginable.

A second call for applications for “The Good Life” will follow.


1 April, 2022, 7 p.m. Vernissage with performance.

Lecture with discussion: Expert on future, transformation, good life.

Artist talk: Artists in the exhibition talk with guests about their works.

Reading on Transformation – authors wanted

Youth speaks about the climate crisis: What do they want, what do they do? With discussion. Introduction and moderation: Tom Albrecht

20 May, 2022, 7 pm Finissage